Yellowfin Tuna Ventresca Callipo in Olive Oil Glass Jar

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Tuna Ventresca Callipo in Olive Oil Glass Jar

Tuna Ventresca Callipo is the fruit of a long tradition of craftsmanship that combines the experience of its professional canning of Tuna. Thanks to the use of high-quality raw material from Calabria, to natural preservatives like olive oil or sea salt, Tuna Ventresca Callipo obtains an exceptional setting and exceptional quality. Ventresca is the highest quality piece of whole fish and is highly valued as a delicacy in Italy and abroad. Due to the higher fat content (healthy Omega3-6 fatty acids), this piece is particularly tender and tasty. 

Ventresca is the most valuable part of tuna, packaged in olive oil for storage and highly appreciated by chefs all over the world. The tuna belly is obtained from the thickest part of the tuna that surrounds the abdominal cavity: the muscle bundles are interwoven with fat, which makes the meat softer and tastier. The muscles that surround the abdomen of the tuna are rich in fat and, for this reason, the meat remains soft, compact and tasty. Ventresca has a fat content significantly higher than the average tuna; for this reason, it is considered the most precious part, because it is much softer to the palate.

Ideal for starters and salads, Tuna Ventresca Callipo, is excellent for preparing the first courses. Tuna Ventresca Callipo is firm meat and with an intense taste. Even finer than conventional tuna meat. During the packaging of Tuna Ventresca Callipo, the Ventresca is carefully separated from the rest in order to obtain the characteristic lamella shape. Thanks to its glass packaging and an airtight lid, the product retains its original taste perfectly once opened.

For over a century Callipo has been the fish specialist in Calabria, in southwest Italy. The fish are worked and conditioned immediately after fishing. They are seasonally and freshly hand-crafted without preservatives, colors and additives to produce fine, preserved fish. 

Characteristics of Tuna Ventresca Callipo

Tuna Ventresca Callipo is characterized by an unmistakable taste and unbelievably tender meat, which is due to the high-fat content of the belly meat. It is ideal for quick and delicious dishes, with a Mediterranean flavor thanks to the olive oil and sea salt. In the mouth, it melts literally, with an extremely sweet taste and aromatic variety


- Prepared from the most valuable part of the yellowfin tuna

- Rich in omega-3 fatty acids

- Extremely versatile in the kitchen 

The tuna belly is particularly tasty and you hardly have the feeling that it is fish. The delicate, light slats are even finer than the actual fillet. Pure pleasure, but of course also in combination with salad.  Callipo Ventresca Tuna scent is delicate and sweet. It can be served as a starter with toast or croutons, added to salads or used as an ingredient in pasta dishes, as in the traditional pasta recipe with red tuna sauce, cherry tomatoes, and Carloforte Island Pesto.

It is also ideal for the preparation of delicious antipasti, side dishes, and salads, but also for pasta and rice dishes (cold and hot) as well as spicy pies made of rice, the belly of tuna, artichokes and dried tomatoes. 

Ingredients: Yellowfin tuna ventresca (underbelly), olive oil, salt

Callipo Ventresca Tuna is soaked in olive oil and brings out the taste very well. The belly fillet makes up about 1-2% of the entire fish. As usual with Callipo Ventresca Tuna, the tuna are fished individually in Calabria and then filleted very gently. There is no driftnet fishing. The tuna is packaged by hand and it's a no ordinary tuna ... it's simply the best tuna in the world!


Callipo Ventresca Tuna must be stored at room temperature, away from humidity, dirt and other agents that may modify the packaging. After opening, keep refrigerated (at 2/4 C °) and consume within 3 days.

Cooking Callipo Ventresca Tuna

If you want to use it to enrich original dishes, it can be served with a simple sweet and sour orange sauce or with a crouton, tomatoes and crispy onion. The characteristic delicate taste of the belly also goes well with more typical dishes of Mediterranean tradition such as pasta, salads, couscous and different types of rice. Callipo Ventresca Tuna is ideal as an aperitif, as an appetizer and to enrich your salads, pasta, pizza, risotto with seafood, etc. You can serve Callipo Ventresca Tuna with our dry or sparkling wines, white or rosé.The tuna Ventresca with onions and tomatoes is so good and so easy to prepare that it will surely surprise you.

The yellow-fin tuna is fished in total accordance with the protections of the habitat of the sea and is dolphin-safe. The meat is ripened in olive oil for at least one year before sale according to product size.

After being fished, this yellow-fin tuna is processed at the Maierato (VV) plant, where it undergoes the entire one-day processing cycle, from the selection of the pieces to the cleaning, from the steam cooking to the packaging, whilst fully respecting the antique handcrafted tradition.

Callipo is a family-owned company that uses premium-quality yellow-fin tuna. Since 1913 they have been a leading producer of Mediterranean tuna and other seafood products. Based out of the southern Italian region of Calabria, Callipo sources the finest yellow-fin tuna fillets in olive oil in the market.

6 ounce (170 gram)

Ingredients: Yellowfin tuna ventresca (underbelly), olive oil, salt

Packaging: Glass Jar

Product of Italy

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