Summer Truffle Carpaccio

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Summer Truffle Carpaccio

Summer Truffle Carpaccio composes exclusively thinly sliced truffles. It has been specially designed to flavor all of your meals. Its thin strips of Truffles will bring to all your preparations a unique and sunny flavor, they will sublimate with all their glares a mashed potato, a risotto, scrambled eggs, a salad, red meat, fish or even cheese. 

This artisanal specialty comes from Umbria, a very fine Italian region: its many hills are rich in truffles, with a dozen types in all: black truffles, white truffles (the latter thus being also outside from the Alba region in Piedmont ...) but also in mushrooms, olive trees, vines, cold meats, cheeses, etc.




This ready-to-use truffle carpaccio will allow you to enjoy this exceptional dish on simple occasions. Aperitif on a toast of goat cheese, dinner in an omelet, a potato gratin or with gravy but also for a Sunday lunch brunch by combining it with scrambled eggs.

Summer Truffle Carpaccio contains the tuber aestivum Vitt, also called summer truffle, which comes exclusively from the Central Apennine. Only the best truffles are selected and then cut into thin slices on the same day of the harvest so that their fragrance and freshness are fully preserved. The truffles are then soaked in top-quality extra virgin olive oil, which captures and retains their unique and inimitable aroma until the glass is opened and their exceptional fragrance fills the air.

No dyes, preservatives or additives are added to the products - just the real taste and smell of the truffles. The love and passion for the country and the truffles are the core values ​​of the company, whose small glasses are now popular with the best restaurants in their area.

The summer truffle carpaccio, which is as tasty and fragrant as fresh truffles, goes well with cooked or raw meat dishes and even chicken. Try the carpaccio with fried eggs or any type of cheese. The truffle, a real jewel of Italian cuisine, ennobles every dish with its inimitable aroma.



Net weight: 12.3 ounces (350 gram)

Ingredients: Summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.), sunflower seed oil, salt, flavoring

Packaging: Easy-to-open Tin Can


Nutritional values ​​per 100g:

  • Energy: 1052kJ / 251kcal

  • Fat: 22g

    • of which: saturated fatty acids 3.9g

  • Carbohydrates of which sugars 0g

  • Proteins: 5.3g

  • Salt 4.1g

Keep away from heat and light and cool after opening.


These thin strips of truffles will bring to all your preparations a unique and sunny flavor. They will accompany your preparations of red meats, poultry, fish, scallops, cheeses, and even your pizzas


The black summer truffle is suitable to be maintained because it maintains a good flavor and aroma; It is important, however, that the collection and storage procedures are carried out in the most correct and expert manner. Cooking does not affect but rather strengthens its organoleptic properties. These features, combined at a lower cost than those of the white truffle, make the Black Summer Truffle ideal for use in the kitchen even every day. Scorzone is harvested from May to August (hence the name summer), but due to pickling can be enjoyed all year round. Carpaccio of summer truffles is also ideal for seasoning bruschetta, crostini, pasta, risotto, polenta and eggs and to enrich sauces, stuffings, meat stews and grilled meats.


All the aroma of the summer truffle is present in these strips, which will allow you to give a little touch of great gastronomy to your dishes. The olive oil in which the strips are stored will be perfect as a seasoning.


Tasting tips


To embellish and garnish your hot and cold dishes, place a few slices of truffles directly on the dish at the end of the preparation. The olive oil contained in this carpaccio can also be used to dress your plate.


Use of summer truffle carpaccio in the kitchen


Serve it cold, or warm it up only slightly so that the scent of truffle is not lost, and together with the oil in the glass to serve meat and fish carpacci, bruschette, crostini  ( toasted bread slices), tagliatelle  (ribbon pasta), tortelliniUse (filled pasta), or to enrich other types of food. 10-12 grams per person are recommended.


Preservation of summer truffle carpaccio 


Before opening the confection, the glass can be preserved at room temperature in a cool and dry place; After opening the confection, fill the glass with oil and keep in the fridge for a few days.



Carpaccio basically means sliced or slices. This summer truffle carpaccio maintains its true characteristic aroma and is a simple yet important product because it can be used as a substitute of fresh truffles with the advantage of being used during the whole year.

Suggestion: Immediately ready to use, black summer truffle carpaccio can be sprinkled in the desired quantity together with the oil directly on Tagliatelle or Ragu. It is also great with lasagna.

12.3 ounce (350 gram)

Ingredients: Summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.), sunflower seed oil, salt, flavoring

Packaging: Easy-to-open Tin Can

Product of Italy

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