Summer Black Truffle Cream Tube

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Summer black truffle cream

Summer black truffle cream tube perfect as a condiment for first courses. A specialty with a refined taste produced with marche truffles collected exclusively in the renowned truffle areas of acqualagna, the world capital of the truffle.

Also known as scorzone, the black summer truffle is characterized by its intense but balanced flavor, vaguely reminiscent of porcini mushrooms, and its delicate aroma. The craftsmanship and genuine processing provide that the truffles are finely ground with extra virgin olive oil and salt, without the addition of aromas, to maximize their organoleptic properties.


No dyes or artificial preservatives

Produced with truffles collected in acqualagna

The selection, collection, and packaging of truffles takes place internally in the company

Directions for use

This product can be used to season pasta dishes, bruschettas, and sandwiches, pure or mixed with other ingredients (oil, anchovy paste, cheese, garlic).


Summer black truffle ( tuber aestivum vittadini ) 73%, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

Conservation method

Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat sources. Once opened, the cream should be covered with extra virgin olive oil and kept in the fridge. The expiry date indicated on the package.

Nutritional values

Energy value: 300kcal and 1236.7kj

Protein: 4.24g

Carbohydrates: 1.84g

Of which sugar: <0.05g

Fat: 30.54g

Of which saturated fatty acids: 5.54g dietary

Fiber: 9.01g

Sodium: 0.39g


How to cook the summer truffle cream and t. Bianchetto

Heat the truffle cream in a pan with olive oil, a curl of butter or cooking cream according to your taste; mix everything and serve as a condiment for first courses, appetizers and second courses of meat. Attention, do not cook but, slightly heat the cream so as not to disperse the flavor of the truffle. Recommended dose about 10-12 gr of truffle cream per person.


Recommended dishes

Appetizers: bruschettas, various appetizers, crostoni.

First courses: penne, fusilli, rigatoni, spaghetti.

Second courses: escalope, fillet, omelette, fried eggs.

Side dishes: boiled potatoes.


Truffle cream: 3 artisan proposals for many combinations

Truffle cheese cream: a skillful mix of selected Italian cheeses (ricotta, pecorino, casciotta ) marries the taste of fine summer black truffles with summer truffle aroma. Excellent for preparing bruschetta but also for succulent first courses, such as gnocchi or risotto, this truffle cream cheese must be kept in the fridge after opening and consumed within a few days.

Igp colonnata lard cream with truffle: from the union of two excellent products of the made in Italy food, the unique taste of this artisan cream, 100% natural, without preservatives, gluten and lactose, made with black summer truffle collected in Tuscany, colonnata lard, spices, and aromatic herbs. Ideal for preparing refined and tasty croutons, but also for delicious fried eggs, for seasoning pasta dishes, game meat dishes (roasted, grilled) and salads.


Black truffle cream from piedmont 100% pure: we close with what we could define the queen of the category, a very fine Piedmontese black truffle cream handmade, delicate and appetizing, without the addition of any type of artificial aroma, for a sauce that can be heated in a pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or butter. This cream can be used indifferently to season any type of pasta, polenta, fried eggs, omelets and second courses of meat. To best preserve, the summer truffle cream after opening it, just add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to the jar.


Mushroom and black truffle cream

At times of the year such as autumn, the use of mushrooms and fungi in the kitchen intensifies. It is also a good time to create creams to eat hot on cold nights, so nothing better than mixing two ingredients as delicious as mushrooms and black truffles to create a delicious dish.


What ingredients are needed?

The following ingredients are needed to make the cream:

  • 800 milliliters of vegetable broth
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 320 grams of mushrooms
  • 1 black truffle Tuber Melanosporum )
  • A little cognac
  • 25 grams of truffled butter
  • Pepper and salt

Butter can be truffled at home or purchased truffled. In any case, it is an essential step to ensure that the aroma and flavor of the truffle are perceived in the cream. It is recommended to truffle the butter a couple of days before making the cream. For this, the black truffle is grated on the butter in ointment point and mixed to integrate the flavor. Then it is rolled up and left in the fridge for 48 hours.


Production method

Step 1

The previously washed mushrooms are cut and also the onion and the garlic cloves. All together fry over medium heat.

Step 2

Once the mushrooms start releasing water, it's time to add a little cognac (a glass) and let it evaporate. Once this happens we add the hot vegetable broth, so it will be necessary to boil it previously.

Step 3

Once the mixture has been boiling for about 20 minutes, remove it from the heat and beat in the mixer. To the mixture, we will add the butter at natural temperature and the milk, which must have been previously heated. The objective should be to obtain a cream with a homogeneous texture and without lumps.

Step 4

To finish, you just have to season and add a little olive oil to taste. If this oil has been previously truffled, the flavor of the black truffle will be even more intense.


A simple recipe with an unmistakable flavor that will conquer all kinds of palates.


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1.76 ounce (50 gram)

Ingredients: Summer black truffle 89% (Tuber Aestivum Vitt), sunflower oil, salt, natural flavors.

Packaging: Squeeze Tube

Product of Italy

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