Strozzapreti Fresh Italian Pasta Acqua & Semola 500g

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Strozzapreti Fresh Italian Pasta Acqua e Semola

Strozzapreti Fresh Pasta is a typical Puglia pasta that is traditionally made. It is suitable for many pasta sauces such as Bolognese, vegetable or cream sauce. It is a short curved pasta from northern Italy, which was originally prepared on high feast days and holidays with a wide variety of sauces and ragouts.

To make Strozzapreti Fresh Pasta the best durum wheat flour from different regions of Italy is used in this special pasta, completely free of manipulated genetic engineering. These simple ingredients: durum wheat, salt, and water from the nearby source create this fantastic pasta.

Having an IGP certification, Strozzapreti Fresh Pasta guarantees high-quality pasta in every package. The IGP is a quality label to preserve the authenticity of a product in the food sector. Production must adhere to strict rules because they are always checked.

The result is a high-quality homemade pasta, which is still made with a traditional recipe and, thanks to the bronze tools and slow drying, get a rough, almost floury surface that is excellent for absorbing the sauces.

The corresponding bite and boil resistance are guaranteed by the slow drying!


durum wheat flour, water, salt. May contain traces of other nuts and eggs.

Nutritional information per 100g:

Energy: 1495 Kj - 353 Kcal

Fat: 1.9 g -

        of which saturated fatty acids: 0.6 g

Carbohydrates: 71.5 g -

       of which sugar: 3.6 g

Dietary fiber: 2.2 g

Protein: 11.3 g

Salt: 0.01 g


Consume the pasta within 3/4 days of receipt. Store at a temperature of + 4 / + 6 ° C in the refrigerator. Since the product is not pasteurized, it can be frozen (then add the frozen pasta directly to the boiling water during preparation).


Thanks to the pistachios, the pasta has a firm consistency and an intense color. This specialty has no similarities whatsoever with Italian pasta. It is rather a kind of gnocchi, whose dough is made with organic durum wheat flour for a healthy pasta.

The classic Italian noodles that look rolled by hand harmonize particularly well with sauces thanks to their twisted shape.

The dough is traditionally pressed through bronze tubes, the so-called "Trafilata in Bronzo". This gives the pasta a roughened surface so that the sauce can stick to them better. Then, and this is just as important for a high-quality Italian pasta as the good ingredients, is the slow and gentle drying at low temperatures.

The result is a light and particularly tasty pasta - 100% made in Italy. It is in no way inferior to normal pasta in terms of taste, consistency, and appearance and allows the pasta sauce to come into its own. 

Production of Strozzapreti Fresh Italian Pasta Acqua e Semola

Strozzapreti Fresh Italian Pasta Acqua e Semola - like many other regionally anchored pasta varieties - has long been produced by hand. However lately large scale production of Strozzapreti Fresh Italian Pasta Acqua e Semolais is taking place. In principle, this method does not differ from the original preparation. 

The rolled-out dough is cut into strips about 1.5 centimeters wide and 5 to 10 centimeters long. These are either twisted slightly with the palms of your hands, the rolling pin or by machine. This twisting means that, unlike spaghetti or macaroni, even industrially produced strozzapreti are not uniform in size or shape. 


For over 20 years, the Altapasta pasta factory has differed in the quality and incomparable taste of its pasta. The company, which is now managed by the Castoro family, is constantly on the lookout for excellence by choosing only selected products and always choosing raw materials of the highest quality to offer genuine and tasty pasta, as in the Italian tradition. 

Altapasta is the result of the fusion between tradition and innovation, a perfect alliance to provide a wide range of pasta. A pasta that tastes like homemade and has a particularly long cooking time so that you can say that Altapasta never overcooks! The company has a wide operating network in Italy and abroad and cooperates with some of the most important chains.

Name origin

The name means priest or priestly citizen, which could be translated as May the priest choke on it. There are several myths about the origin of the name.

One explanation is that a handful of clergymen used to eat freshly prepared pasta, which tasted extremely delicate, without measure until they had to choke.

Another attempt to interpret the name is related to the rent payments in the Emiglia. These were mainly paid in kind, usually including pasta. The tenant, when handing over the goods, expressed the wish that the recipient of the lease should choke on them. Since the region had long belonged to the Papal States, the latter could only be a priest or religious, which would explain the name.

Another interpretation uses the production as an explanation: the housewives of the region would have shown so many emotions during the making of the strozzapreti when twisting the dough, not least caused by their miserable living conditions, that an observer would have thought that the women could easily strangle a priest. 

Strozzapreti Fresh Pasta, the taste of the fresh outside the fridge! Fresh Italian Import Pasta that needs no refrigeration prior opening.

STORAGE INDICATION: To be kept at room temperature until the expiration date. After opening, keep refrigerated and use within 3 days

Product stabilized and packaged in a protective atmosphere.

500 gr

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water.

Packaging: Plastic Wrap

Product of Italy


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