Sicilian Blood Orange Jam 250g

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$11.95 8.8oz (250g)

Scyavuru Sicilian Blood Orange Jam 8.8oz (250g)

Following the Roman tradition of boiling fruit and honey to prepare natural preserves, to this day Scyavuru employs the same preparation method by using sugar instead of honey to create marmalades and jams using the best fruits that the local territory offers. Made with more than 65% of real fruit according to the family tradition, Scyavuru jams represent the perfect union between the best fruits grown in the Ribera region and the passion for good food. 

With their bright color and unique taste, Scyavuru jams are delicious when spread on bread, scones, waffles or pancakes for breakfast or a sweet snack, but they can also be enjoyed in many other creative ways. Use your favorite jam to top a cheesecake or spread it between cake layers, top your overnight oats, rice pudding and plain yogurt for a comforting snack, stir it into cottage cheese or pair it with cream cheese for a savory sandwich, fill doughnuts, muffins and crepes, make jam-filled butter cookies and jam tarts, or gently warm it up and pour it over ice cream for an extra treat. Jams also pair very well with cheeses and are ideal to accompany a cheese board or to make a brie and jam filled pastry as well as to prepare a delicious glaze to accompany chicken or pork. 

About Scyavuru

Scyavuru is immersed in a citrus grove near Ribera, a small town crossed by three rivers on the south coast of Sicily. The company's main goal is to transform what the territory has to offer with particular attention to the cultivation and harvesting of the fruits, carefully preserving the seasonality of nature. Scyavuru selects fresh and genuine ingredients for the preparation of spreadable creams, jams, toppings, sauces and marmalades, putting great care in each step of the production process. 

In the local Sicilian dialect, scyavuru means "aroma", "scent" or "fragrance". It emphasizes the company's goal of creating fresh products that "taste good".

Ingredients: blood oranges (65%), sugar, gelling agent (pectin), acidity regulator (citric acid).

Weight: 250g (8.8oz) Glass Jar

Product of Sicily, Italy

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