Risotto Rice & Saffron - Ready to Use Mix for Risotto

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$19.95 11.28oz (320g)

Rice & Saffron - Ready to Use Mix for Risotto 11.28oz (320g)

The Melotti Rice and Saffron Mix contains all all the necessary ingredients to make a delicious Saffron Risotto quickly, without any preparation. The mix contains Vialone Nano rice, vegetables for broth, seasoning and pure saffron dried in stigmas. The Vialone Nano variety is ideal for the preparation of creamy risottos as it releases abundant starch during cooking and abundantly absorbs the flavor of the sauce. The vegetables contained in the mix are tasty and fresh products, dehydrated at low temperatures to enhance their organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. 

Preparation put the dried saffron stigmas in a coffee cup with a little cooking broth or water, hot but not boiling; cover and leave to infuse for at least 2 hours.

Bring 800 ml of salted water or broth to a boil, pour the content of the jar, mix, cover and leave to simmer for 12-13 minutes. When the heat is off, add the previously infused saffron, stir in a knob of butter and grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. The risotto is ready to be served. 

Once consumed, reuse the jar again to properly store your rice (glass is a perfect material for a long shelf life) or reinvent it for any other use!

Ingredients: Melotti Vialone Nano rice,  pure Saffron dried in stigmas. No added salt, no preservatives, no artificial colors and flavors. 

Cooking Time: 12-13 minutes

Preservation: store in a cool and dry place (4°-17°)

Net Weight: 320g

Product of Italy - Melotti rice Specialty, produced in their rice mill in Isola della Scala Verona

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects as well as other reproductive harm. For more information please go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov/food