Riso Melotti Nano Vialone Risotto Rice IGP

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Riso Melotti Nano Vialone Risotto Rice IGP

 Riso nano vialone veronese I.G.Pis one of the finest italian rice. Extremely versatile for the various preparations, it expresses its maximum in risottos. It is presented in squat grains and, due to its organoleptic qualities, its resistance in cooking and its versatility in the kitchen is considered by international chefs to be among the best rice in the world.

Cultivation and production of vialone nano rice

Like the cultivations of east asia, the vialone nano is cultivated in immersion in the area of ​​the bassa veronese, characterized by resurgences, or fontanilli, basins where the water of the strata accumulates, meeting clay layers and emerging in marshy formations, very rich in flora and fauna and often protected by naturalistic oases.The vialone nano is currently produced in 24 municipalities in the province of verona.


The vialone nano grains have a round shape and are of medium size, being about 5-6 millimeters long. The characteristics of the grain are the blunt tooth, the squat shape, and the very extended central pearl. The percentage of vialone nano starch is lower than that of carnaroli rice: in fact, some chefs whisk it with a whisk to allow a greater release of starches.

Organoleptic characteristics: the center remains "al dente" when cooked. It releases an abundant amount of starch during cooking, but its high amylose content which allows it to maintain its shape and absorb a lot of liquid.

Presentation: comes in presentation of 1kg.

Packing: rice is packed in a food-grade paper bag.

Anaquel life: more than 6 months.

Conservation: keep in a place without light, freco and without humidity.

Dwarf vialone rice: risotto, soups and Vegetables

The vialone nano is particularly suitable for the preparation of risottos and soups, thanks to its ability to release the starch during cooking. It is, therefore, a variety that remains compact and that cooks in about 14/15 minutes. 

The pilot rice is a traditional dish of mantuan cuisine enriched with sausage, which owes its name to the workers once dedicated to rice husking, the "pilots". Vialone nano prepared risotto, meat-based, typical of verona. Its name derives from the isola della scala district, a place known for the cultivation of one of the best qualities of italian rice. 

Nutritional values ​​and calories

Every 100 g of vialone nano rice can be counted:

  • 354 kcal

  • 0.4 g of fats of which 0.1 are saturated

  • 80.4 g carbohydrates

  • 6.7 g of protein

  • 1 g of fiber and 0 mg of sodium 

The recipe with the riso nano vialone veronese i.g.p

This is a typical recipe of the venetian tradition, excellent to taste in winter-springng precisely because in this season you will find the best peas, the main ingredient of this dish, after the vialone nano rice.


  • Riso nano vialone veronese rice 350 gr

  • 1kg of peas (preferably fresh)

  • 60g of butter

  • 50g of pancetta

  • 15g of parsley

  • Extra virgin olive oil to taste

  • 1 medium-sized onion

  • Parmigiano reggiano to taste

  • Pepper as needed

  • 1.5l of vegetable broth


Shell the peas and set aside the pods: they should be washed and cooked with the broth for 60 min. When it comes to a boil, blend it with an immersion mixer to obtain a liquid puree. (if you choose to use frozen peas, of course, you can skip this step). Melt half the butter in a pan and let the chopped onion wither. Once brown add the chopped pancetta and parsley. Cook for a couple of minutes and then add the peas and pour the brotha little at a time, taking care never to let it dry completely (consider that at the end of cooking the consistency must be that of a slightly dry soup). Turn off the heat, adjust salt and pepper if necessary and stir in the rice with the remaining butter to then serve it sprinkled with parmesan.


The Riso Nano Vialone Veronese I.G.P. has the capacity to absorb condiments and keep its bite. It presents itself to chefs from all over the world as one of the leading risotto rice, the expression of a typical Italian gastronomic tradition. Moreover, with its distinct fragrance, it adapts perfectly to the taste and imagination of each of us.

Suggestion: Ideal for grainy and/or creamy risotto

2.2 pound (1 kilogram)

Ingredients: 100% Italian Vialone Nano risotto rice

Packaging: Paper Package

Region: Veneto

Product of Italy

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