Ricotta di Pecora - Sheep Ricotta Cheese

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Ricotta di Pecora

Ricotta di Pecora is high-quality ricotta obtained using exclusively sheep's milk whey with the addition of sheep's milk in the boiler. Made without the addition of preservatives and dyes, the ricotta with controlled humidity in the heat-sealed package makes it extremely ductile both for natural consumption and for the preparation of sweets or savory dishes.

Ricotta di Pecora is one of the most adaptable foods in the kitchen, it contains the sweet and varied notes of freshly milked milk. Now very popular for its great versatility, it is used both as a basic ingredient and as a simple frame ingredient in many innovative or traditional dishes.


Ricotta di Pecora has a truncated cone shape, milk-white color, sweet and delicate taste, creamy and spongy consistency. It is packaged in a special paper wrap with various sizes. The texture is soft and slightly crumbly, the taste varies from sweet, milky to slightly salty. With Ricotta di Pecora the delicate aroma of sheep's milk is wonderfully preserved.

Ricotta di Pecora owes its traditionality and quality to the production technique, which has remained unchanged over time, and to the locally sourced milk, which gives this cheese a very typical taste and aroma. Traditional is the combination with necci, typical of the areas of the ricotta is often used for the preparation of sweet and savoury tortelli, ricotta cakes and savoury pies.

It is difficult to estimate the quantity sheep's ricotta actually produced since there are both large dairies and small production realities scattered throughout the region. An annual average of about 2000 quintals can be assumed. It is mainly destined for direct sale.

History of Ricotta di Pecora

Its original name was "Marzolino" (from "Marzo" = March), i.e. a cheese produced in March. The first mentions of pecorino toscano date back to the 15th century. They tell that first the Etruscans, later their successors, the Romans, are said to have produced something similar.

It is the Etruscans who started with the production of dairy products. The Etruscans enriched their diet with dairy products. From them, whose works can be admired in Tuscany, especially in Volterra and in the Guarnacci Museum, the Romans have taken over many things, such as the production of dairy products and the basic knowledge of their medicine. Today the production of Ricotta di Pecora is precisely regulated.

Production of Ricotta di Pecora

The traditionality of Ricotta di Pecora is linked to the particular processing technique, which has remained unchanged over time, and to the quality of the milk used. It can be eaten alone or as an ingredient in sweet or savory dishes (ricotta desserts, tortelli, savory pies).

Ricotta di Pecora is made by boiling the whey that remains after the separation of the curd together with fresh milk and salt. When the whey reaches a temperature of 90°C it begins to emerge on the surface, which is turned gently with a ladle to make it peel. The ricotta cheese formed in this way is topped and placed to drip in tiles, placed in turn on wooden planks. After draining, the ricotta is packed in trays or twigs. It is produced from November to June.

The whey obtained from milk used for the production of cheeses and not subjected to any thermal intervention is heated and deprived of all dairy residues. When the temperature reaches 55 - 65 ° C, the whey is added with whole sheep's milk, produced by Massese sheep, in a percentage of 15 - 20% of the total whey.

The outcrop part is collected with a ladle and placed in special

truncated - conical forms called "fiscelle" or "fascine". Subsequently, the chips are placed on spreading tables to eliminate excess whey and left to mature in fresh rooms for a period of 1 - 3 hours.


It is eaten at the table, but it is also used for stuffed pasta and sweet creams. Ricotta di Pecora has a softer texture, but also a more delicate taste or smell. It is therefore not suitable for fine grating.

In the kitchen, Ricotta di Pecora is particularly suitable for filling pasta, for casseroles, but also for sweets such as cakes and pastries. The mild whey cheese ricotta wants to be accompanied gently, preferably white with lively acidity and / or a fine perlage. He likes it when his companion smells good, like white flowers or green apples and pears. Almost every delicately fresh white wine or sparkling wine aroma combines impressively with the sweet-salty sheep's milk aroma of ricotta.

Ready to be eaten within a few hours after its production “Ricotta di Pecora” embodies the rich and varied notes of sweet, fresh sheep's milk. It has a white frame with no rind, and its soft, creamy quality makes it exceptionally suitable for use in any dish, as a main ingredient or as a simple ingredient. Perfect for salads, as a filling for crepes and other desserts. Try it and have fun experiencing both the sweet and the savory flavor in many preparations.

Suggestion: Use it on crostini, salty cakes, with pasta, as filling for crepes, dessert or pure with some honey. Use your fantasy and creativity to explore new receipts.

3.3 pound (1.5 kilogram) – WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pasteurized whey from sheep's milk, addition of pasteurized sheep's milk, volterra salt

Packaging: Special Paper Wrap

Flavor: Delicate, fresh, light
Texture: Creamy, soft
Color: White
Aroma: Fresh

Product of Italy

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects as well as other reproductive harm. For more information please go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov/food