Ready To Use Bruschetta Topping with Concentrated Grape Must

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$8.95 10.6oz (300g)

Brivio Bruschetta Topping with Concentrated Grape Must 10.6oz (300g)

Brivio Bruschetta Topping with Concentrated Grape Must is a unique combination of flavors, crafted with the finest selected ingredients. Ripe tomatoes, aromatic garlic, and fragrant herbs are blended to create a mixture of fresh and intense flavors, and then combined with concentrated grape must obtained from the juiciest and ripest grapes, to impart a sweet and fruity note that enhances the taste of bruschetta. 

This bruschetta topping is ideal for creating unique and memorable bruschetta. Spread this topping on toasted bread slices to create a flavorful base, and add your preferred ingredients: diced fresh tomatoes, fragrant basil, creamy mozzarella, and a generous drizzle of this bruschetta topping to create a unique delicacy. Every bite will be an explosion of balanced and satisfying flavors. In addition to bruschetta, this topping is ideal to enhance the taste of many other dishes. Try it as a dressing for mixed salads, as an accompaniment to cheeses or as a special finishing touch for meat and fish dishes. 

Weight: 10.6oz (300g)

Product of Italy

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