Pujado Solano Anchovies in Salt from Cantabria

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Pujado Solano Anchovies in Salt from Cantabria - 3.8oz (110g)

Anchovies are the secret ingredient in many Italian recipes as they add a rich savory flavor to any dish they go well with. Pujado Solano Anchovies in Salt come from the Cantabrian Sea, from the waters of norther Spain, and they are prized for their quality, meaty fillets ranging from reddish brown to light caramel with flavor that is the ideal balance of sea salt and fish, far superior to the typical anchovies found in supermarkets. 

How to use Anchovies in Salt 

Anchovies are perfect both as appetizers and as a great addition to various dishes. You can put them on top of a slice of buttered bread for a classic Italian snack, or add them to salads, pasta dishes and pizza.

How to prepare Anchovies in Salt. Soak the fishes in water for 30 min. Cut tail, external edges, remove skin and separate fillets. Soak in clean water 10 min. If you want them low in salt, change water again and soak a few more minutes. Remove, dry in paper and add oil to taste.

About Pujado Solano

Pujado Solano dates back to the 1980s, when Milagros Solano, a native daughter of the Cantabrian town of Santona, home of the anchovy, from a seafaring family with experience in salting anchovies, decided to create the company in Barcelona in 1984. It didn't take long for her dream to flourish and become true. The secret of Pujado Solano success comes from its firm commitment to quality, to the finest ingredients and to artisanal experience. 

The Production Process

Seine Fishing

Fishing in the Cantabrian Sea gets underway in the spring months. The ships identify schools of fish and then proceed to sorround them from the surface with seine nets which are dropped into the water. The vessel then turns around the school in a 360 degrees circle to confine the fish in the net. 

When the school is surrounded, the net is closed to keep the fish from getting out. The fish are removed from the net using a huge scoop called a "salabardo". The anchovies are brought on board alive. This fishing system is highly selective and environmentally friendly. They bear the MSC seal, which certifies the use of sustainable methods and the traceability of the products.

Salt Curing

The skill of the salt-curers of Cantabria is essential to preparing anchovies, as evidenced by the slow curing process and the careful handling of the "sobadoras", who carefully select and manually cut the anchovies fillets. The weather conditions of the Cantabrian coast offer the mild temperatures that are ideal for ensuring the natural curing of the product.

Artisanal Process

The entire process of filleting the fresh and packed anchovies is done by hand using age-old methods and processes. It's a process with a definite artisanal nature in which every operation is done by hand. 

The art of filleting is a meticulous traditional craft that has been passed down from generation to generation in the Cantabrian coast. The anchovy fillets are prepared and selected using a long, artisanal process by the experts, the "sobadoras de Santona". The fillets are selected by size. Any bones and impurities are removed to yield individual fillets that, by themselves, are a pure delight. The fillets are carefully placed in the containers to preserve their integrity and quality. 

Ingredients: Anchovies, sea salt.

Product of Spain

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