Prosciutto Toscano Viani DOP Boneless

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Salumificio Piacenti Prosciutto Toscano DOP Boneless

Prosciutto Toscano DOP is a savory prosciutto crudo made according to traditions that date back to the time of the Medici . The hams are only obtained from first-class pork legs, approved by the official Consortium. Fresh legs are salted and spiced with sea salt, garlic, Tellicherry black pepper and wild juniper berries, and then placed in cold rooms for the first, slow drying. After a second salting, the hams rest in aging rooms until they mature, 12 to 16 months later, revealing all their flavors and delicious taste. The crown of each leg is covered with a mix of fine black pepper and fragrant coriander powder, which donate the typical, traditional appearance, and is larger than in other hams to allow an easier diffusion of salt and flavors.

The History of Piacenti

The Tuscan tradition of Delicatessen is deeply rooted in History. Taking up an ancient tradition, “only” around the mid-20th century Piero Piacenti, after practicing in a small butcher shop in the quaint old town old Certaldo, realizes his dream and builds up a ham, sausage and salami factory on the outskirts of the city. In the Nineties, the business grows to become a plant, which soon moved to the surroundings of the Medieval town of San Giminiano where most of the craftsman’s art comes from. 

The secret that Piero catches for its exclusive quality lies just there, in the heart of Tuscany, in the beautiful setting surrounded by close hills, where the special climate gives the best conditions for the perfect maturation of his hams. Extensive experience, competence and outmost passion combine up to a perfect mix which is still preserved: an authentic tradition intimately linked to the territory.

In 2007, Salumificio Piacenti enters Parmacotto Group. It’s a great opportunity for further development which led to significant results in terms of production, quality and expansion, with the development of new overseas markets. In 2009, a second plant, more technologically advanced, was built close to the first one in San Giminiano, with the introduction of modern clean rooms for the production of pre-sliced products. In April 2014, Salumificio Toscano Piacenti of San Giminiano takes over from Parmacotto Group: it’s a new company, completely independent from the major Group, that represents a step back to the oldest Tuscan tradition and the deepest bond to the territory and its inheritance. The new image of the Tuscan company is evocative and emotional, and it’s aimed to embody those core value and principles that have always shaped its commitment: to be an Italian company, family run, professional and dynamic, able to create excellences of inimitable quality in total respect of the truest Tuscan tradition.

Ingredients: pork leg, salt, garlic, juniper, black pepper

Weight Approx. 17lb – Weight may vary +/- 1 lb

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