Pecorino Romano Cheese DeRoma Agri-in DOP

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$46.00 2.2lb (1kg)
$287.00 Quarter Wheel 14lb (6.4kg)
$1,150.00 Whole Wheel 55lb (25kg)

The first place winner at Gambero Rosso – The Pecorino Romano Deroma. This is not yet a renowned product on the market; created by a tandem of manufacturers located in Torrita Tiberina, this is the only producer in the Rome province and they transform exclusively local sheep’s milk into artisanal cheeses. Agri-In markets the cheese and distributes mostly in retail in small specialized shops, in the Tyrrhenian Coop circuit and in Italy.

The Pecorino Romano 24-month Deroma wins thanks to its genuineness and exuberance. It’s a classic Pecorino Romano as 100% of Romans intended it to be: spicy, powerful and heady, with robust taste, full of flavor and aromatic notes. These characteristics evolve with the different aging margins and growth of secondary aromas.

Suggestion: Great on salads and pasta. Combines well on a Fava Beans Bruschetta recipe.

2.2 pound (1 kilogram) or 15 pound quarters – WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Thermalized sheep’s milk, salt, rennet

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic

Aging: 24 months
Flavor: Spicy, powerful, heady
Texture: Granular, compact
Color: Straw-colored yellow
Aroma: Fresh milk, vegetal, floral
Region: Lazio

Awards: 1st Place Winner - Gambero Rosso

Product of Italy

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects as well as other reproductive harm. For more information please go to