Pappardelle Campofilone - Egg Pasta

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Pappardelle Campofilone

Pappardelle Campofilone pasta is a classic egg pasta made by hand. Produced in manageable quantities and slowly dried, Antica Pasta Campofilone represents typical regional products in the brands. It is characterized by short cooking time, intense taste and a high content of nutrients.

Pappardelle Campofilone is made from just two ingredients; Durum wheat semolina and eggs 35.3%. Also, it may only be produced in Campofilone according to a strict recipe. The history of production goes back to the 15th century and is described as "angel hair" and "so fine that it melts in the mouth".



With their width of 12 mm and a thickness of 1 mm, Pappardelle Campofilone is the ideal basis for your Mediterranean pasta dish. They are traditionally made with bronze molds and dried at low temperatures. The delicate scent of eggs and semolina and their typically strong egg paste taste are complemented by the excellent consistency, which underlines the quality of this product with its firmness and elasticity.

This amber-colored pappardelle is perfect for enjoying with game or vegetable sauces. This Antica Pasta is a special form that creates joy and amazement in the kitchen.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, eggs 35.3% from Italian breeders.

Allergens: The product contains gluten and eggs.

GMOs: The product does not contain any GMOs.

Odor: delicate scent of eggs and semolina.

Color: amber / yellow

Cooking time: 12-14 minutes

The pasta is made with 100% Italian eggs and drawn on bronze molds.

The pasta Campofilone Pappardelle carries on the tradition of egg pasta from the Campofilone region. For centuries, these artisanal Italian pasta have been known to be the best in Italy: traditional know-how, quality ingredients, slow and natural drying are the essential components.

Often served as a noodle nest, Pappardelle Campofilone is very broad ribbon noodles. The egg pasta is an excellent companion for ragouts and mushroom sauces. The pasta is characterized by short cooking time, intense taste and a high content of nutrients.


Production of Pappardelle Campofilone

The typical customer target of this family-sized company is made up of both small and large stores, restaurants, and companies looking for quality products in their catering, as well as individuals, thanks to a well-functioning and documented website.

It has obtained recognition as a PGI product, a geographical indication produced that protects and enhances the product worldwide. Pappardelle Campofilone is drawn in bronze, spread by hand on sheets of pure cellulose paper and dried at low temperatures.

They follow perfectly original workmanship. It is produced in manageable quantities and slowly dried. It is then packed individually by hand. It is ideal tasted with fish or meat seasonings, exquisite above all with abundant ragù as tradition dictates.

Nutritional values ​​per 100g


1575 kJ / 372 kcal


4.47 g

hereof: saturated fatty acids

1.4 g


66 g

of which sugars

2.8 g

Dietary fiber

2.4 g


16 g


0.13 g



Cooking Pappardelle Campofilone

Cooking pasta is the basis of any good pasta dish. Often all attention is paid to the pasta sauce and the cooking of pasta is often experienced as difficult and boring. That's a shame because with a few small adjustments you can cook Pappardelle Campofilone effortlessly and much better.

Cook Pappardelle Campofilone with the right amount of water

Pappardelle Campofilone needs a lot of water. Simply put: use a minimum of 1 liter for every 100 grams of Pappardelle Campofilone. Pappardelle Campofilone absorbs water during cooking. During pasta cooking, pasta can absorb twice its weight of water. This is the most important reason to use a lot of water. Also, you must keep the pasta stirred well otherwise the pasta tends to stick together.


Sample recipe

Pappardelle Campofilone with tomato and mozzarella



250 g of Pappardelle Campofilone

400g of red  tomatoes

200g buffalo mozzarella

1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

1 sprig of basil

Salt to taste



Pappardelle Campofilone with tomato and mozzarella are easy, quick to prepare and tasty recipes to eat.

Cut the tomatoes into large pieces and brown them in a large pan sprinkled with a spoonful of oil.

Cut the mozzarella into small pieces and keep it aside.

Cook Pappardelle Campofilone in abundant salted water for 1-2 minutes; as soon as they are cooked, pour them into the pan with the tomatoes, let them flavor for a minute with the dressing, adding half a mixture of the pasta cooking water.

Turn off the heat, add the cut mozzarella, serve up and add the basil to garnish.

The ingredients of Antica Pasta Campofilone are the consolidated experience of more than 10 years in the egg pasta production, the strict procedure for ingredient selection, the handcrafted processing, without the influence of purely commercial exigencies and above all the extreme passion that we put daily in our work. Campofilone is above all synonymous of an ancient cooking tradition, production of eggs noodles.

Today, as in the past, able hands knead the flour with the eggs to obtain large, soft, thin and golden sheets of pasta. The experience and the care taken in this particular homemade production, which has been passed on from generation to generation since 1400, is the key to the secret of our delicious noodles.

8.8 ounce (250 gram)

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, eggs

Packaging: Paper box

Region: Campofilone

Product of Italy

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