Mutti Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste Tube

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Mutti Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste Tube

Mutti Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste Tube is a benchmark in Italian cuisine found in tubes or canned. Its designation “simple”, “double” or even “triple-concentrated”, depends on the degree of evaporation of the tomato. This culinary base remains an essential ingredient in Italy and international gastronomy because it enhances the taste and color of many sauces and dishes. 



Only 100% organic field tomatoes, harvested at maturity in northern Italy and only during the season. In this 6.5 ounce (185 gram) aluminum tube of double organic concentrate without added salt, there is only fresh tomatoes and nothing else! 


How can I cook it?

Mutti Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste Tube can be cooked in both long cooking recipes (Bolognese sauce, casseroles) and short, but can also be eaten as it is, as a seasoning or on bruschettas.

Mutti Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste Tube is ideal for adding extra color, flavor, and texture to your dishes. It is particularly suitable for dishes that require very long cooking, such as mince, stew, and other all-in-one dishes. It is also ideal for short cooking times, such as when preparing a sauce on the fly for pasta, for example, or side sauces.

The tomatoes used in making Mutti Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste Tube, are harvested during the summer in the Parma basin, as well as in Puglia, where the brand work with its farming partners to improve production. This work has paid off in the Italian market, where Mutti is widely the leader in the segment, with a 32% market share. 


Manufacturing secrets of Mutti Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste Tube?

The double organic tomato concentrate without added salt from Mutti, is obtained from the extraction of the heart from the tomato, followed by an evaporation process then concentration at low temperatures to preserve all the nutritional qualities of the tomato. 

Since 1899, Mutti has been making tomatoes and only tomatoes. Mutti is an Italian brand and the least we can say is that it has a passion for this summer fruit. The tomatoes used are 100% Italian, GMO-free, drastically selected and carefully prepared to offer you the best of tomatoes. Tomatoes are harvested in the open field in August and September at the best of the season when they are full of sun and then prepared within 2 hours so that they do not get spoiled. 

Faithful to the fruit that has driven his passion for 120 years, Mutti continues to improve and be inventive to offer the best in tomatoes. An expert in tomatoes since 1899, the Mutti family has revolutionized its market with product innovations such as tomato paste in tubes in 1951, the first cold-processed pulp in 1971, tomato vinegar in 2004 or thanks to transformation processes new and patented to improve the quality of the products while preserving the taste and naturalness of the fresh tomato.


The result is an authentic and intense taste of ripe tomatoes, and its touch of acidity that excites the taste buds enhances the flavors and gives character to the dishes. 

All this to delight you and allow you all year round to taste tomatoes that have a taste: mashed, crushed or even concentrated, they are just waiting for you to cook them. The tomatoes have a taste and above all, when you open the box, there is a lot of flesh (and not too much water). 

Mutti Triple Concentrated Tomato Paste Tube quality requirement at the service of taste, which Mutti made his motto, can not operate with total control of the industry and responsible behavior. To obtain the best from the 100% Italian tomato, Mutti collaborates with nearly 400 partner farmers who respond to the know-how and expertise required by the eponymous brand.


To preserve this original taste of fresh tomato that characterizes Mutti products, the Italian leader, leaves nothing to chance:

  • Respect for the seasons from sowing to harvest,

  • Tomatoes are grown in the open field and picked at maturity only one time in the year

  • Once harvested, the tomatoes are transported to the factory located within an average radius of 110 km and then processed less than 24 hours after harvest,

  • A specific cold processing process, patented by Mutti, which allows the intact taste of the fresh tomato and all its nutritional qualities. 

  • Certified without GMOs, additives or preservatives, production is subject to 9000 control points, from sowing to finished products.

In a Mutti canned food, there is also the whole social dimension and responsible commitment of an Italian industry leader who does not hesitate to take a stand and put in place initiatives to ensure fair working conditions, all along the supply chain.


To do this, Mutti has developed an action plan capable of preventing any form of labor exploitation, the main points of which are:

  • A higher pay to producers to reward the excellence of products 

  • A harvest mechanics to minimize manual work 

  • The traceability of tomatoes to improve sustainability

  • The strong relationships with farmers powerful


Mutti of Parma is one of the most renowned producers of tomato products in all of Italy! Mutti has a rich history and has been in existence since 1899. Their tomato products are produced from local tomatoes grown in Italy.

The various types of concentrates are perfect to give color, flavor, and consistency to your dishes. We suggest using them in dishes that have long prep times and require an intense tomato flavor. (7 kg of fresh tomatoes were used for 1 kg of this Triple Concentrated paste).

Suggestion: Use them on soups, red or white meats, fish such as mackerel, sardines, and anchovies

6.5 ounce (185 gram)

Ingredients: Tomato, salt

Packaging: Aluminium Tube

Region: Parma

Product of Italy

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