Modica Chocolate P.G.I. Mixed Flavors - Pack of 8

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$29.95 1.76oz (50g) - Pack of 8

Modica Chocolate P.G.I. Mixed Flavors - Pack of 8

Mixed Flavors: Pistachio, Coffee, Vanilla, Sicilian Citrus, Chili Pepper, Cinnamon, Gelsomino (Jasmine). 

The Modica Chocolate (Cioccolato di Modica or Chocolate of Modica) is Italian P.G.I.  specialty chocolate, typical of the city of  Modica in Sicily, characterized by an ancient and original recipe using manual grinding (rather than conching) which gives the chocolate a peculiar grainy texture and aromatic flavor. 

The History

The Modica Chocolate was introduced by the Spanish conquistadors during their domination in southern Italy and has a centuries-old tradition. Even today, the craftsmanship of chocolate is an art re-created by the skilful amalgamation of simple, unmistakable and intense aroma ingredients.

Artisanal Production Method

Starting from a mass obtained by grinding the cocoa beans and without depriving this mass of the cocoa butter contained in it, the dough is heated to a low temperature and then mixed with granulated sugar and various spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, chili. The mixture obtained is kept at a temperature that does not dissolve the sugar crystals, which remain intact inside the dough. Nowadays everything is blended with a refiner to then move on to the phase of beating the compound into the forms. The "cold" processing of this mixture therefore does not include the "conching" phase, thus maintaining aromas that would otherwise be destined to disappear.  

The artisanal processing system gives the Modica chocolate, manipulated without exceeding the melting temperature of the sugar, that typical graininess that still qualifies and characterizes it.


Shape and Flavors

The Modica chocolate bar cannot be improvised. Modern, aerodynamic, artistic forms are not allowed. From the metal molds, for hundreds of years, the same, exquisite Modican chocolate bar still comes out. Modica has always produced chocolate flavored with cinnamonvanilla and chili pepper. Almost all the artisan workshops that produce the precious Modican Chocolate, now offer other flavor variants to be combined with the production of traditional flavors: coffee, orange, lemon, mixed citrus, anise, carob and natural are the most used essences.   

Product of Italy

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