Mezzi Paccheri Pasta di Gragnano Organic IGP

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Mezzi Paccheri Pasta di Gragnano Organic IGP

The Mezzi Paccheri Rigati is an Italian pasta made according to an ancient and artisan tradition of Gragnano, a town near Naples. This big dough is based on Senatore Cappelli durum wheat. The whole manufacturing process is done by working on a bronze mill after this Italian dough has been kneaded by hand. To preserve its aroma and to obtain a cooking behavior, the drying is slow and natural according to the Cirillo method. This Italian pasta is ideal for sauces and pasta salads made with olive oil and traditional balsamic vinegar.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water

Faella's extraordinary pasta is traditionally made by hand from durum wheat grown in Italy. Due to the gentle manufacturing process and the slow drying, the positive properties of the high-quality ingredients are retained. The classic production with bronze molds ensures that the pasta has a particularly rough surface and thus can absorb a lot of sauce. Everything has remained the same, even the packaging.

Nutritional information:

Average nutritional information (per 100 g)

Calorific value: 1498 Kj / 353 Kcal

Fats: 1.1 g

Carbohydrates: 70 g

Fiber: 2.9 g

Sodium: 0.002 g

The paccheri are large pasta Short shaped tubes. They are traditionally from Naples and usually made from durum wheat semolina.They have a diameter of 28 millimeters, an average length of 46 millimeters and their thickness measures from 1.18 to 1.26 millimeters.Neapolitans call this type of pasta also paccare, whose translation into Italian is schiaffo (slap). Perhaps in the popular tradition, one wanted to recall their fat and heavy consistency, like a well-placed slap.They enjoy a designation under the Italian " traditional agri-food products".


The term is derived from the ancient Greek of the first founders of Parthenope.

This giant dough format fits, particularly with thick sauces. Thanks to their size, the paccheri can be stuffed with ricotta or other ingredients, or served with a stew.The pasta consists of selected local durum wheat semolina, followed by slow and gentle artisanal processes (kneading, drawing and drying) at room temperature to better preserve its nutritional and taste properties.It takes a lot of water and patience to cook this pasta. But the wait is worth it, a strong smell of fresh, ripe grain rises in the nose and after the first bite, it becomes clear: These are noodles like from times long gone.

This is mainly due to the knowledge of the old pasta grandfathers, the freshly ground durum wheat, the spring water of Monte Faito and the slow drying of the balanced humidity of the mountain village "Gragnano", which is characterized by the winds of the Gulf of Naples.

The classic old bronze molds give the pasta the rough surface, which can absorb a lot of sauce.The place of production and packaging of the Protected Geographical Indication IGP for the "Pasta di Gragnano" covers the entire territory of the municipality of Gragnano in the province of Naples.

Gragnano Pasta has been an IGP product since 2010 by acquiring the first EU recognition of the quality of pasta in Italy and Europe. The most important requirements of the IGP label "Pasta di Gragnano" are as follows: Within the city of Gragnano, the dough must only be made with durum wheat semolina and spring water from Gragnano. The extrusion of the dough must be done by bronze matrices. The process of drying varies depending on the different forms of the pasta and must be carried out at a temperature between 40 ° and 80 ° C and within a period between 6 and 60 hours. This is the most delicate moment of the entire production cycle. Cooling must be done within 24 hours. Then the pasta must be packed at the place of production so that the product is perfectly preserved.

Organic Mezzi Paccheri Pastai Gragnanesi  I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication). This cut was inspired by the classic Paccheri, but in a small size. This shape is exactly a half (mezzo) of the bigger shape Paccheri. It originated in the region of Campania in Italy.

Cooperativa Pastai Gragnanesi IGP

Suggestion: This shape, which is characterised by a large internal cavity, seems to be created to gather mussel and fish sauce. We suggest to taste it with meat sauces as well.

17.6 ounce (500 gram)

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water

Packaging: Plastic Wrap

Region: Gragnano

Product of Italy

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