Late Radicchio Tardivo IGP

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Late Radicchio Tardivo I.G.P

Late Radicchio Tardivo I.G.P is a fresh leaf vegetable also called the king of winter. It is a specialty renowned all over the world for its sword shape and its bright purple color, tending to purple.Late Radicchio Tardivo I.G.P is available only from November onwards, that is, only after having undergone two frost (according to the I.G.P specification), since it is obtained from a very particular cultivation process: after the collection, the bunches of radicchio are immersed in tanks of running spring water; after about 15 days the plant re-gorges inside and at this point of ripeness the new shoot is cleaned and prepared for sale. The harvest period for late radicchio is generally November - January / February.

Late Radicchio Tardivo I.G.P is more valuable than the early red radicchio and is famous for its red color and its sweet-bitter taste. It has a completely white elongated dorsal rib, a short and narrow vinous red leaf flap. The leaves, first green, begin to turn red in autumn and form a long, narrow, spindle-shaped head which, thanks to the whitening technique, reaches a length of about 20 cm.

Appearance and flavor

Late Radicchio Tardivo I.G.P is characterized by voluminous and well-closed head. The leaves are a deep red, with a very pronounced main rib of white color. The taste is slightly bitter and the medium crunchy consistency.

Late Radicchio Tardivo I.G.P is a unique product, based on both the processing methods and in taste, the secret of which lies in the great attention used during the manufacturing processes, which allow Late Radicchio Tardivo IGP to develop the particular organoleptic characteristics and obtain an unmistakable taste.

The white color of the coast and red of the tops, the crunchiness, the inimitable and exquisite flavor are the peculiar characteristics of this unique product.

Compared to the "early" type, Late Radicchio Tardivo I.G.P is less bitter and crisper with leaves having a spear shape. This precious vegetable, requires a lot of water and cold and is born on the "resurgence line" that divides the high from the low plain. Here, under a layer of gravel, pure groundwater from the Dolomites spontaneously rises from the ground. The second ingredient is cold because only after the second freeze does the tuft of radicchio deserve the IGP guarantee stamp.

Properties: Late Radicchio Tardivo IGP is rich in minerals; potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, sodium, copper and manganese. It also has B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

Late Radicchio Tardivo I.G.P can be stored in the refrigerator. Extremely versatile, it can be eaten both raw and cooked and is suitable for countless gastronomic preparations, including the tasty "crespelle with Radicchio di Treviso IGP". It is used as an ingredient in appetizers, mixed salads, pasta, risotto and second courses of meat or fish. It is very tasty on its own, stir-fried or grilled.

How Late Radicchio Tardivo IGP is produced

Everything comes from planting in the nursery. In summer Late Radicchio Tardivo I.G.P leaves grow tender and green; after about a month they are planted in the ground, with the first frost in November the harvest begins and continues without interruption until the plants in the field are exhausted.

Peeling of Late Radicchio Tardivo I.G.Pis manual and consists of the removal of the external and green leaves ( about 70% of the plant ). Then with clean hands, the roots are carved and shortened (to a maximum of 6 centimeters) to eliminate the mud and all the external rhizomes. Then Late Radicchio Tardivo IGP is placed in large tanks and washed with running water from the Sile river. And lastly, drained and placed in boxes to be sold.

Late Radicchio Tardivo I.G.P in the kitchen

It can be eaten raw, grilled, as an excellent base for first courses or filling white meats, fried, grilled, stewed, in risotto.  It can also be transformed into jelly and jam thus becoming an ingredient for desserts of all kinds.Also, its juice is used in cosmetics to produce preparations for irritated skin.

Sample Recipe

Pan-fried radicchio di Treviso


  • 2 tufts late red radicchio IGP
  • Extra virgin olive oil (and/or butter)

  • Salt

  • A clove of garlic (optional)


Remove the external and dry part of the root of the Late Radicchio Tardivo IGP with a knife. Then cut the radicchio in half and wash it well.In a large pan (preferably the non-stick pan) put a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and all the halves of the red radicchio and cook over medium-low heat, covered for about 10 minutes or until it will wilt. Salt and turn (with a scoop on each side) halfway through cooking or a few times.

If desired, sprinkle with little breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese towards the end of cooking.


The “Late” Radicchio Tardivo IGP of Treviso starts in November, after the campaign has "suffered" at least two frosts, it is time to collect them.

The father of all the radicchio in the Veneto region is not yet ready to reach the plates of his countless admirers. It will be the spring water and the expert hand of farmers to enable them to express, in a few weeks, all its beauty, its crispness, its unique taste, the joy of the most refined palates.

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Ingredients: Radicchio

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