Guanciale Iberico

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Guanciale Iberico


Guanciale Ibérico, also known as "papada ibérica de bellota," is a premium cured meat crafted from the jowl of Iberian pigs, a breed renowned for its ability to store fat both under its skin and within its muscle fibers. This luxurious cut comes from pigs exclusively fed on acorns during two montanera seasons, contributing to its distinctively rich and nutty flavor. Characterized by its firm and compact texture, Guanciale Ibérico features a striking marbling of pinkish-white and yellowish-white fat interspersed with bright red meat. Cured naturally for over eight months and seasoned solely with sea salt, this product offers an intense taste and aroma that make it a standout addition to any culinary creation. The acorn-fed richness runs through this Guanciale, creating that classic rich nutty flavor that you can only get from the Dehesas of Spain

Guanciale Ibérico de Bellota is immensely versatile, making it a perfect pairing with fine bread and a robust wine. To fully appreciate its delicate texture and lingering taste, it is best served thinly sliced at room temperature. When cooked, its fat melts away, enriching dishes and sauces with profound flavors.

Please note that, due to the nature and diet of Iberian pigs, this guanciale has 40% more fat than regular guanciale.

Ingredients: boneless raw iberico pork jowl, salt, preservatives.

Weight: 3lb (1.4kg) Approximately

Product of Spain

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