Gluten-Free Fusilli Spigadoro 12oz

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Gluten-Free Spigadoro Fusilli

Gluten-Free Spigadoro Fusilli Pasta is an Italian specialty made with great care. Due to rigorous manufacturing controls, it is a high-quality product that retains all its valuable properties and is free of gluten and allergens. The entire chain from cultivation to procurement to production and packaging is organized to the highest quality standards. 

Features:It provides valuable nutrients and variety for the whole family. Gluten-Free Spigadoro Fusilli Pasta tastes great with many sauces. 


  • Corn Flour about 70%

  • Rice Flour about 26.5%

  • Emulsifier about 0.5%

  • Mono

  • Diglycerides of Fatty acids.

  • May also contain traces of soy

All ingredients come from certified organic farming, the recipe directly from Italia. A unique taste for health-conscious pasta fans.

Analysis I 100 g

  • Energy  1522/359 kJ / kcal

  • Fat  2.3 g

  • Saturated fat 0.4 g

  • Carbohydrates  75 g

  • Sugars  0.3 g

  • Roughage  2 g

  • Protein  8.2 g

  • Salt  0 g

Weight: 340 g

- Wheat free

- Lactose-free (lactose <0,007 g / 100 g)

- Without the addition of milk

- Without the addition of eggs

- Without palm oil

- Without preservatives

They are made from a blend of corn and rice flour, which is perfectly balanced by the addition of water. Eggs are not added to the mixture of milk, so they can be enjoyed by people with lactose intolerance. Tasty and enjoyable, the gluten-free fusilli pasta is characterized by excellent impermeability during cooking, but always al dente results, and by a rough blade, which is perfect for holding the spices.

It is best eaten with sauces and sauces based on meat or with cheese such as traditional ragù or cheese sauce. It is also a pasta format that is perfect for making cold pasta salads that are seasoned with fresh vegetables on hot summer days.The Gluten-Free Fusilli Spigadoro, while maintaining the taste and texture of traditional pasta, is a pleasant variant with high digestibility. The gluten-free fusilli are characterized by excellent cooking resistance, which always results in al dente. Delicious and callous like traditional pasta, you get first courses with an unmistakable taste.

Fusilli Spigadoro on the plate guarantees gluten-free pasta, even if you follow a special nutrition plan. Without eggs, gluten-free Fusilli Spigadoro pasta is suitable for a varied vegan cuisine. Pasta without wheat ensures enjoyable moments even with gluten intolerance and celiac disease. In the Low Carb diet, pasta without cereals gives you more freedom for creative cooking. Enjoy unusual alternatives to conventional pasta and

 experience the pleasant feeling of a wheat-free diet. With Gluten-Free Fusilli Spigadoro pasta, a consistent diet is a pleasure thanks to the carefully selected ingredients.

Cooking the Gluten-Free Fusilli Spigadoro

Simply cook in salted water for eight to ten minutes Fusilli, then healthy and gluten-free pasta from corn, rice, whole grain rice, buckwheat, and quinoa are ready for consumption. The original Italian spiral pasta is made without egg and wheat flour. Ideal for a varied diet. Fusilli pasta for people with gluten intolerance, but also for nutrition-conscious connoisseurs who love organic products. Try now!

Classic taste and texture - A gluten free pasta that tastes like real pasta, your family will love it!

Spigadoro gluten free pasta is made in Italy from a selection of corn and rice flours. It is produced to bring out all the qualities of its gluten free ingredients making it the ideal pasta for the entire family.

12 ounce (340 gram)

Ingredients: Corn flour, rice flour, mon and diglycerides of fatty acids

Packaging: Carton Box

Region: Umbria

Product of Italy

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