Gentilini Wafers with Cocoa

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$3.95 6.17oz (175g)

Gentilini Wafers with Cocoa - 6.17oz (175g)


A delicious and nutritious snack, Gentilini Wafers with Cocoa will pleasantly surprise you from the first bite. The crispness of the three fine layers combined with the soft, creamy filling that gently melts in your mouth creates a perfect flavor for satisfying your sweet cravings. Made with simple and natural ingredients, these wafers are an ideal treat for any time of day.

Interestingly, the term "wafer" is derived from the archaic English word "waba," meaning honeycomb, which reflects the intricate honeycomb-like pattern on these delightful wafers. Enjoy the delightful texture and rich cocoa taste of Gentilini Wafers, a perfect blend of tradition and indulgence.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Coconut oil, Wheat starch, Sugar, Low fat cocoa 11.0% in the cream filling, Dextrose, Skimmed milk powder, Whey powder (milk), Soy flour, Chocolate powder 1.2% in the cream filling (cocoa powder, low fat cocoa powder, cocoa paste, sugar), Hazelnuts, Emulsifier: soy lecithin, Natural cocoa extract 0.2% in the cream filling, Salt, Yeast agent: sodium bicarbonate. May contain: almonds, pistachios and mustard.

Weight: 6.17oz (175g)

Product of Italy

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