Gentilini Biscottiera Vintage

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$24.95 17.6oz (500g)

Gentilini Biscottiera Vintage - 17.6oz (500g)


The Gentilini Biscottiera Vintage is an authentic hymn to beauty, showcasing a superb assortment of legendary biscuits that have made Gentilini famous since 1890. Inside, you'll find the delightful Osvego with malt and honey, and the exquisite Novellini with milk and honey.

Crafted from simple and natural ingredients, these biscuits offer a taste of tradition and quality. The biscuit tin itself is a work of art, with a pleasantly liberty touch, adorned with beautiful details that unveil its charm gradually. From the precious frame to the soft colors and graceful shapes, it's an exclusive gift that exudes elegance and nostalgia, perfect for any occasion.

Weight: 17.6oz (500g)

Product of Italy

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