Filette Prime Water in Aluminium Bottle - Natural - Case of 24

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Filette Prime Water - Natural 16 Fl oz

Welcome to the world of Filette, the mineral water that lets you experience a new pleasure: understanding the difference between drinking and tasting. Filette will satisfy your senses and body due to its perfect balance of mineral salts. Bottled at its source for over 120 years, since 1894 Filette proves its exclusivity being present in the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, wine bars and other distinctive locations around the world. 

Filette is one of the purest water in the world, crystal clear springs at its source in Guarcino, 900 meters above sea level between the green and uncontaminated Apennine Mountains of the Lazio Region. The total absence of arsenic and nitrates close to 0, together with a very low level of sodium and a perfectly balanced amount of total dissolved solids make Filette perfect for a healthy lifestyle and ideal for daily use.

“Water like Wine” is the project of Filette aiming to give to water, the most precious good for humanity and the whole planet, the same value and dignity the market devotes to wine and champagne. Bottled Mineral water is following the same evolutionary path as wine. Water sommeliers are increasingly common figures in restaurants and there are courses teaching how to start this new profession. You can taste water, discover its taste, savour its lightness and appreciate its organoleptic composition. A list of waters, next to the one for wines, is becoming ever more common among the best restaurants in Italy and all over the world. Filette is a multisensory pleasure. Well equilibrated in the synthesis of its micro-elements and delicate to palate, Filette is a perfect match while enjoying great wines and champagne, boosting their essence and persistence. 

In its aluminium version, Acqua Filette is available in “Natural” and “Sparkling” flavors in bottles with a cool line and an eco-friendly design, they adapt perfectly to the habits of consumers, replacing disposable mineral waters. Filette is the first mineral water to be offered in aluminium bottles. This allows you to drink superior quality water, while respecting the source but above all avoiding the use of plastic. A practical and functional product that can be re-closed and transported at your own convenience, guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene everywhere thanks to its screw cap. Furthermore, aluminium does not release substances that are harmful to health in the event of exposure of the bottle to sunlight.


Weight: 16 Fl oz (470ml)

Product of Italy

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