Elicoidali Italian Pasta di Gragnano Organic IGP

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Elicoidali Pastai Gragnanesi Orgnaic

As their name suggests Elicoidali ( helicoids ) are short pasta shaped pipe on which wraps a twist which allows retaining the sauce. Near Naples , gragnano is the city of pasta par excellence: these pasta have a European label I.G.P. Their taste and quality are incomparable.

 Origin: region of Campania, city of gragnano.

Composition: durum wheat semolina, water.

Nutritional information:

Average nutritional information (per 100 g)

Calorific value: 1510 KJ / 356 kcal

Fat: 1.6 g of it:

Saturated fatty acids: 0.3 g

Carbohydrates: 69.5 g of which:

Sugar: 3.1 g

Fiber: 2.9 g

Protein: 14.5 g

Salt: 0.005 g

 How to taste:

For 4 to 5 people recipe. 

About 10 minutes of cooking in a large amount of boiling water. Choose one of the artisan sauces for a real Italian tasting. The stripes, curls, and hollows of this pasta allow the sauce to coat the pasta well and adhere to it. A final touch of extra virgin olive oil will give them a unique taste.


The Elicoidali (the helicoils ) are quite similar to rigatoni finer and striped twisted rather than straight. Gragnano , 35 km south of Naples, is città Della pasta (the city of pasta, nicknamed "white gold") since the end of the 16th century. The real gragnano pasta obtained the igp label in 2012, the first for Italian pasta. Since 1912, elicoidali has followed the tradition of hand-crafted pasta, using local water and wheat, bronze molds for a rough texture that retains sauce better, and long drying at low temperatures.

Cooking time and dimensions

Dimensions:  diameter approx. 11.3 mm, length approx. 43 mm, wall thickness 1.20 mm

Cooking time:  approx. 12 minutes

Kitchen use

Use ideal for chunky vegetable sauces, soft cheese, and cream sauces and casseroles.

Production process:

There is a conscientious selection of raw materials. Slowed production processes. use a long dough guide under intensive quality controls. Producers know how important it is to take time to achieve an exceptionally good result. It takes time to do good things! 

Slow processing usually slows down the pace to increase quality. To achieve this goal, producers search every year for the world's best hard wheat semolina. The process only those with an exceptional protein content of 14.5%. And tests both the individual intermediate stages as well as the finished pasta with special machines and a trained team on taste, cooking behavior and bite resistance. 

Each step is closely monitored, checked and optimized so that at the end of the day there is a really good pasta on the table that tastes as it used to when the pasta was still made by hand and the mills ground even slower. That is why elicoidali pasta, despite all technical innovations, is above all a traditional product. It is authentic and just fine, in the truest sense of the word even when the pasta was still made by hand and the mills ground even slower. 

Organic Elicoidali Pastai Gragnanesi I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication). Helical or elicoidali shaped pasta, like a helix which is where the names was derived from. As for it's actual place of birth it is not certain. It is known to be from Campania.

Cooperativa Pastai Gragnanesi IGP

Suggestion: Thanks to the deep lines on the surface this shape is perfect for all sauces.

17.6 ounce (500 gram)

USDA Certified Organic

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water

Packaging: Plastic Wrap

Region: Gragnano

Product of Italy

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects as well as other reproductive harm. For more information please go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov/food