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Ulisse Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Ulisse Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from 100% high-quality olives, the juice is obtained by mechanical means only. It is the only vegetable oil that is extracted from a fruit. It has a high content of oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that has many health benefits. At the same time, extra virgin olive oil serves as a natural source of high-quality antioxidants such as vitamin E and polyphenols. Extra virgin olive oil also has excellent aromatic and flavor properties.

The organoleptic properties of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has very important fatty acids which are essential for the body, such as Omega 3, which is why more and more people choose to consume the extra virgin olive oil raw as a condiment. This highly prized oil also has an excellent lipid profile, a high conservative quality and is presented as an essential element for a balanced diet.

Despite the excellent characteristics of extra virgin olive oil, this should not be consumed in excess as it presents 899 calories per 100 grams.

Now that you know the meaning, properties, and quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil , all you have to do is use it for your raw culinary dishes, or to cook excellent sauces, meats, fish dishes, etc.

In the production of olive oil, only mechanical processes were used. The little word "extra" indicates that it is high-quality olive oil that meets the highest standards of taste, aroma, and ingredients.

Decisive for this designation is the acidity of the oil. The better the oil, the lower the acidity. It must not exceed 0.8 grams per 100 grams.

However, there are other factors: The peroxide value, the delta kappa value, as well as the K268 and K 232, have to be measured in the quality determination.

Uses of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oils offer endless possibilities in the kitchen, and beyond.

They are widely used in the field of beauty products; They are ideal for exfoliating the skin and taking care of acne, to pamper the body, as a make-up remover or because of its high moisturizing effect as a moisturizer for hair and lips, and they are not just for you.

Olive oils also offer benefits for your pets, try it for yourself! If you have a cat, add two tablespoons of olive oil to your food: this will help with the hairballs. And if you have a dog, a tablespoon of olive oil can help it to get better skin and a better coat.  You can even use them to preserve the walls of historic buildings!

Can Extra Virgin Olive Oil be reused?

Naturally, olive oils are reusable. Its resistance to high temperatures makes it chemically much more stable than other vegetable oils, making it possible to use it several times while preserving its properties. However, it has to be conserved properly. After each frying, you must filter the oil with a fine sieve to remove the suspended particles that would eventually affect its properties. Also, store it in an opaque container.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the kitchen

Its capacity as emulsifier creates light and velvety textures that are irresistible for every taste and health properties transform the oil into the best possible choice for the combination of taste and health in a single product:

For dressing-  Used as a dressing or seasoning to salad, vegetables, fruits, legumes, meat or fish. When pure it is used to taste warm or cold as well as sweet or savory food.

Used in emulsions-  For making sauces such as mayonnaise, gravy, vinaigrette, aioli, tomato sauce, etc.

For frying- Ideal for this cooking method, like food, thanks to its high heat resistance, creates a crispy shell that prevents soaking. This gives you lighter and juicier dishes.

For roasting and grilling- In the oven or on the grill, to meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits

Marinades- You can use a raw fish in extra virgin olive oil such as, Salmon, tuna, cod, bass and many more, which take on a tasty consistency.

Stews-used for preparing a very tasty stew. The raw ingredients are cooked together while retaining the inherent juices of the ingredients.

Frying- Fry the foods at medium to low heat until soft and cover the pan or saucepan so that the juice dispensed does not evaporate.

As an Insert- Put meat or fish in a cold broth, which consists mainly of oil, vinegar, salt, herbs, and spices.

Preservative- Used to extend the shelf life of ready-made products such as cheese, vegetables, fish and meat. Besides, the food is permeated by the aromas and taste of olive oils. The fish and seafood are preserved, canned vegetables, legumes, red and white meat, poultry, etc. are the most popular.

For desserts- It gives off aromas and a fruity taste that refines every dessert and is the healthiest way to prepare them.

For marinating- This involves immersing the food in a prepared thickened liquid, where it creates a more intense flavor using spices and aromatic herbs. It can marinate both meat and fish with it.

As you can see, extra virgin olive oil is more than just an ingredient, it is a food that cares for you both inside and out. Use it daily and enjoy all its benefits!

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil characterizes itself for its pleasant and harmonious taste that derives from the passion we have been nurturing for quality for over a century. We duly select the best oils to ensure your dishes will be successful.

We wish to remember that the extra virgin olive oil is a healthy seasoning and it naturally preserves all its properties if tasted uncooked.

34 fluid ounce (1 liter) - Cold Extracted

Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil

Packaging: Pet Bottle

Flavor: Pleasant, harmonious
Region: Puglia

Product of Italy


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