Chitarra Campofilone - Egg Pasta

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Chitarra Campofilone

The egg pasta from Antica Pasta has a classic and traditional format. Chitarra - which translates as 'small strings' - are particularly suitable for tomato sauces or Bolognese meat sauce. They are drawn on bronze plates, rolled out on sheets of pure cellulose paper and dried at low temperatures. 

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, eggs 35.3%

Allergens: The product contains gluten and eggs.

GMOs: The product does not contain any GMOs.

Origin of the ingredients: semolina 70-80% Italian, eggs 100% from Italian breeders.

Odor: delicate scent of eggs and semolina.

Color: amber/yellow.

Taste: typical of egg paste, soft and strong.

Consistency: excellent firm and elastic

For Chitarra Campofilone, the origin means everything. This is because everything originated in one area: Campofilone. Here the secrets of the past mix with the natural ingredients result in a real and healthy product. Only durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs, no GMO, no color and preservatives. A pasta that is pressed through bronze matrices and dried slowly, easy and quick to cook with a high yield.

Chitarra Campofilone pasta is fine, porous and with a high yield. It is known throughout Italy for its high quality. The eggs make the pasta nutritious and rich in taste. Campofilone has a nice assortment with the most used long pasta types from Italy. It is a quality pasta that is suitable for all your tastiest pasta recipes. Easy to use, quick to prepare and delicious to eat.

Production of Chitarra Campofilone

The Campofilone company, by the experience gained in over ten years of activity in the egg pasta production sector, recently decided to introduce the certified and controlled ORGANIC LINE, aimed at a responsible consumer and looking for a high-quality product. 

Campofilone, a small hill town in the province of Fermo, known and appreciated for its renowned pasta since 1400 and for the national festival, unique in its kind, which attracts over 15,000 people in three days, giving prominence to the product and the producers also internationally.

The processing technique is artisanal, the ingredients used are genuine and the result of careful selection, highly skilled labor. It is a certified organic company that produces spelled food specialties in addition to organic egg pasta. 

To make Chitarra Campofilone, the flour is mixed with eggs and spring water. After these three ingredients are kneaded into a whole, the pasta dough is pressed through a bronze mold. The use of a bronze mold has several advantages. The pasta has a rough structure which makes it easy to cook. Also, the pasta sauce sticks well to the pasta. After the paste is pressed through the bronze press, it is immediately hung to dry. The drying of the pasta takes between 24 and 36 hours. When the pasta has dried, it is packaged by hand.

Cooking Chitarra Campofilone

Cooking Chitarra Campofilone naturally starts with adding the pasta to the water in the pan. Only add the pasta when the water in the pan boils. You will see that as soon as you have added the pasta, the water will stop boiling. Keep the gas high so that the water starts boiling again. Once you have put the pasta in the pan, the real work begins. 

In the meantime, check the packaging for how long you have to cook Chitarra Campofilone before it is cooked. Take the number of minutes as a guideline and not an absolute truth. It comes down to what you like. Pasta is often eaten "al dente" in the center and south of Italy. This simply means that the inside of the pasta is still a bit hard after cooking. In the north of Italy, the pasta is often eaten a little softer. Again, it all comes down to taste. 

How do you know when Chitarra Campofilone is cooked the way you like it? 

Simple: taste it! Once the number of minutes indicated on the package has elapsed, you can grab a paste of pasta from the pan and taste it. Taste if enough salt has been added to the water and taste if the pasta is "bite" the way you like it. Is this the case? Then drain the pasta. 

Sample Chitarra Campofilone recipe for 4 persons


1 box of Chitarra Campofilone 250 grams

4 nice veal oysters of around 100 grams

30 grams of butter

Some fresh sage leaves (chopped)

Salt and pepper

Preparation method

Roast veal oysters for a moment and then let them rest. 

Then in a pan with a little butter, a dash of (baking) olive oil and finely sliced ​​sage on the fire add some garlic if necessary.

Cook the pasta for a minute, drain and then stir in the pan with sage and the rest of the butter. Put Chitarra Campofilone on a plate with the seeds on top, veal oyster and the fresh sage leaf.


The ingredients of Antica Pasta Campofilone are the consolidated experience of more than 10 years in the egg pasta production, the strict procedure for ingredient selection, the handcrafted processing, without the influence of purely commercial exigencies and above all the extreme passion that we put daily in our work. Campofilone is above all synonymous of an ancient cooking tradition, production of eggs noodles.

Today, as in the past, able hands knead the flour with the eggs to obtain large, soft, thin and golden sheets of pasta. The experience and the care taken in this particular homemade production, which has been passed on from generation to generation since 1400, is the key to the secret of our delicious noodles.

8.8 ounce (250 gram)

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, eggs

Packaging: Paper box

Region: Campofilone

Product of Italy

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects as well as other reproductive harm. For more information please go to