Bruschettine in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Roberto

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Roberto Bruschettine in extra virgin olive oil

Everyone loves Bruschettine. It is difficult to say no to this dish that stimulates taste, imagination and brings in the heat of summer. Roberto Bruschettine in Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a tasty alternative to bread for lunch and dinner. They are also excellent alone as snacks and accompanied by other ingredients, they enrich the dishes of our Mediterranean tradition with imagination.

Roberto Bruschettine in extra virgin olive oil is perfect for inaugurating Sunday lunch with the family, giving a touch of panache to your aperitif and, finally, surprising your guests during dinner. The strength of this dish that delights dishes from all over Italy is the extra virgin olive oil. The ingredient that almost always caresses the slices of toasted bread.

It is made from small slices of bread made from wheat flour, durum wheat semolina, olive oil, and salt. Ideal with a glass of wine or beer. Shredded olives and extra virgin olive oil give this bruschetta an intense and tasty taste. It is the classic accompaniment to the Italian aperitif.

Basilicata was and is a brittle, mountainous region that is characterized by the culinary peasantry. Sheep provide people with meat and milk, which is processed into ricotta. Podolico cows give excellent milk, for example for the Caciocavallo. The basis of the kitchen is durum wheat for exceptionally good bread, pastries, and pasta.

Characteristics of Bruschettine in Extra Virgin Olive Oil Roberto

Roberto Bruschettine in extra virgin olive oil is designed for lovers of spicy flavors and scents of Mediterranean vegetables. The special recipe is made exclusively with the combination of the best natural ingredients of the Apulian lands. It can also be seasoned with a touch of hot chili pepper and extra virgin olive oil that enhances, even more, the enveloping and round taste.

This artisan cream is obtained from the careful selection of high-level ingredients, typical of the Mediterranean tradition, mixed and potted in extra virgin olive oil, without preservatives or thickeners. They give life to a genuine product, very fragrant and with a rich and decisive flavor. It is a fresh and quick recipe, ideal for summer evenings, which contains all the Mediterranean aromas and flavors of our land. It is also a product suitable for vegan food.

History of Bruschettine

It is a dish that was born out of necessity, to appease hunger. In a time when poverty reigned supreme in our country, farmers used to keep bread. To then toast it and season it with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and raw garlic. The origin of the bruschetta seems to have its roots in the Neapolitan culinary tradition where it has been present for centuries thanks to the large production of tomatoes.

The first version of the Neapolitan bruschetta is the one with oil, garlic, tomato, and oregano. Later other variants were born with anchovies, olives, cheeses, mushrooms, courgettes, aubergines, mozzarella, scamorza, and salami. Up to adding more sought-after components such as creams and pates. Puglia has also seen its tables bruschetta for centuries. On the other hand, it is a typical food of the Apulian peasant tradition. The hard bread was toasted on the embers and was enriched with the Apulian extra virgin olive oil - obtained from cold-pressed olives through mechanical actions - and with cherry tomatoes from Brindisi.

Use in the kitchen

They are also excellent alone as snacks and accompanied by other ingredients, they enrich the dishes of our Mediterranean tradition with imagination.

Bruschetta is designed for those who want to serve a quick appetizer before dinner, ideal for those who want to bring a simple but always appreciated dish to the table: the classic oil bruschetta, flavored with a handful of fresh oregano.

The recipe for Apulian Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes


The ingredients to prepare the typical Apulian bruschetta recipe are easy to find: cherry tomatoes extra virgin olive oil rocket or basil garlic salt Apulian bread.

Which oil to choose for Bruschetta with cherry tomatoes?

The ' extra virgin is undoubtedly the protagonist, the precious element that combines and enhances all the ingredients. For this reason, beware of too low an extra virgin olive oil price, aim for quality. The intense fruity extra virgin olive oil from Puglia is perfect for this traditional dish. You can perceive powerful notes, slightly bitter and spicy but in perfect balance. These sensations are given by the richness of polyphenols, antioxidant substances for health.

Small, crunchy, tasty and full of taste. Perfect for your breaks, your aperitifs and whenever you want a tasty snack.

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Suggestion: Try it with fresh ingredients, creams, cheese and cold cuts.

3.53 ounce (100 gram)

Ingredients: Wheat flour, olive oil, extra virgin olive oil 3%, salt, yeast, malted wheat flour, gluten. May contain traces of sesame seeds and milk

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