Bonifanti Pistachio Panettone & Pistachio Cream Holiday Gift Box

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Bonifanti Panettone Classico & Pistachio Cream Holiday Gift Box - 1.65lb (750g)

Experience the timeless tradition of Italian holiday baking with Bonifanti Panettone Classico, a sweet, fluffy, and fragrant Christmas cake, made with precious ingredients, cooled at room temperature and hand-wrapped with a beautiful festive wrapExpertly crafted by Italian bakers, following time-honored recipes to ensure a fluffy, moist, and flavorful cake, Bonifanti Pistachio Panettone is made with selected flours, first choice butter and fresh eggs, enriched with a creamy pistachio spread filling with almond fragrance and orange blossoms. The top of the cake is covered with a cocoa glaze and decorated with white chocolate flakes.

Alma Gourmet Panettone gift box includes a jar of delectable Sweet Pistachio Spread, a perfect accompaniment to garnish and fill your Panettone for a truly indulgent treat.

Bonifanti Panettone is the perfect companion for your holiday celebrations. The sweet, aromatic scent of Panettone will fill the air, making it the perfect centerpiece for your holiday table. Elevate your festive gatherings and delight your guests with the taste of Italy by serving a slice of Panettone after dinner, and experience this beloved Christmas tradition.

With this festive holiday gift box, you can now share the joy of the season with family and friends by gifting them this delicious Panettone & Pistachio Spread Combo, and delight them with the most authentic staple of the Italian Holiday Tradition.

Weight: 1.9lb (850g) Panettone - 7.05oz (200g) Pistachio Cream

Product of Italy

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