Biscotti Gentilini Piaceri with Whole Wheat Flour

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$5.95 11.6oz (330g)

Biscotti Gentilini Piaceri with Whole Wheat Flour - 11.6oz (330g)


Discover Gentilini Piaceri Biscuits, where the simplicity of a morning ritual meets the wholesome goodness of whole wheat flour. These biscuits are crafted to be more than just a breakfast option—they're a delightful start to your day. Made with care and a commitment to natural ingredients, Piaceri biscuits offer a robust, fiber-rich experience with 25% less fat than leading shortbread biscuits.

Gentilini understands the importance of a balanced breakfast that fuels your body for the day ahead. That's why they've crafted their biscuits with whole wheat flour, free-range Italian hen eggs, and a touch of flower nectar honey. These simple yet powerful ingredients ensure that every bite is packed with flavor and nutrition, providing you with the energy you need to seize the day.

Whether enjoyed with your morning coffee or as a wholesome snack, Piaceri biscuits embody the essence of a simple, natural, and satisfying breakfast choice. Join us in rediscovering the joy of starting your day right—with Piaceri, every morning is a delicious new beginning.

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour 44.6%, Sugar, Wheat flour 14.6%, Vegetable oil (high oleic sunflower oil), Fresh eggs 4.4% , Honey 1.7%, Corn starch, Whole milk powder, Malt extract, Dextrose, Yeast agents: ammonium bicarbonate - sodium bicarbonate, Salt, Natural vanilla extract, Natural cereals flavor. May contain: soy, spelt, oat and rye.

Weight: 11.6oz (330g)

Product of Italy

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