Biscotti Gentilini Osvego With Honey and Ancient Grains

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$4.95 8.8oz (250g)

Biscotti Gentilini Osvego With Honey and Ancient Grains - 8.8oz (250g)


Discover Gentilini Osvego with Honey and Ancient Grains, where tradition meets innovation in every bite. These biscuits are a testament to the rich heritage of Italian wheat and the exquisite flavors of flower nectar honey, sourced exclusively from the Italian peninsula. Crafted with care using 100% Italian wheat flour and a blend of four ancient wheat varieties—Miracolo, Virgilio, Ardito, and Fiorello—these Osvego with ancient wheat grains offer an authentic taste and a unique aroma.

At Gentilini, they believe in the power of simple and natural ingredients. Their commitment to using Italian honey not only ensures superior quality and food safety but also supports the vital work of Italian beekeepers, contributing to biodiversity, sustainability, and the protection of nature.

Perfect for any occasion, from breakfast to a mid-morning snack to an accompaniment for afternoon tea, Gentilini Osvego promises a delightful experience that celebrates the best of Italian agriculture and culinary tradition. Savor the essence of ancient grains and pure Italian honey—where every biscuit tells a story of quality, sustainability, and natural goodness.

Ingredients: wheat flour 45.0%, ancient wheat grain flour 22.0% (Virgilio, Ardito, Miracolo, Fiorello), sugar, butter, vegetable oil (high oleic sunflower oil), honey 2.0%, yeast agents: ammonium bicarbonate - sodium bicarbonate, salt, artificial flavor. May contain soy , eggs and mustard.

Weight: 8.8oz (250g)

Product of Italy

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