Australian Fresh Winter Black Truffles

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Australian Fresh Winter Black Truffles

Australian Fresh Winter Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) is more or less rounded, its shape is shaped by the stones in the soil in which it is grown. Its surface color varies from dark brown to black. The truffle rind is structured with slightly raised polygonal spines. The flesh is jet black with white veins at the ends.  


This black winter truffle has an intense flavor, so it can either be cooked briefly over low heat. It can be sliced ​​fresh as a finishing element or infused in sauces to add intensity. The volatile compounds it releases have a distinct aroma and are compromised if overcooked, but fats can capture and encapsulate those aromas. The scent remains very intense. Shape and weight: its shape is rounded and sometimes very lopsided, with a diameter from 1 to 15cm. Its weight is between a few grams and a few hundred grams (it can weigh up to 1 kilo), the average weight is between 3 and 150g.

Appearance: the skin is grainy, very attached to the pulp. At maturity, it is a very dark black-brown. The pulp, when ripe, is black tinged with white. The veins are numerous. The truffle must be firm without being hard. The peridium (outer layer) is brown to black and is decorated with small polygonal warts whose regularity makes one think of the faces of a diamond. The flesh (Gléba) is gray to black, or even purplish depending on the maturity, with a well-marked and branched white veining (the veining is not apparent on frozen or immature truffles).

Aroma: Its scent and taste are powerful. Its particular taste, pronounced and slightly peppery, makes the dishes to have a unique taste.

Harvest time: it is harvested between mid-November and mid-March. The period of optimal maturity is between mid-December and mid-March. 

Production area: It is found in the limestone soils in southern Australia, in Tasmania where there are mycorrhizal trees. With its hot and dry climate in summer, and humid in winter, Australia offers climatic conditions quite similar to ours, and therefore perfect for growing truffles. The southwest of Australia also has many truffle oaks, under which the black truffle grows very easily.

Preservation of Australian Fresh Winter Black Truffles 

Truffles tend not to last long, so consumption must be carefully planned. Some methods allow you to keep them for a certain period to allow consumption in days to come.

Storage in the fridge: If the truffle is placed in the coldest part of the fridge, it can be stored for about 10 days. To prevent it from absorbing too much moisture and therefore the peridium can mold (because there are molds that grow on truffles) it must be wrapped in a piece of absorbent paper that will absorb excess moisture. 

Preservation in oil: this preservation is the most used to preserve Australian Fresh Winter Black Truffles. The truffles can be kept for about 10 days: put the truffle in a container and cover with oil, leaving it at the refrigeration temperature. The advantage offered by preservation in oil is that after removing the truffle to cook it, the flavored oil to be used in the future will remain. 

Preservation in rice: a simple method which consists of putting the truffle in the fridge in a container completely covering it with rice. Rice absorbs the humidity that surrounds it and also the smell of truffles, so it will already be flavored; the contraindication is that too much-absorbed moisture will make the truffle dry and less odorous at the time of use.

Storage in the freezer: with this method, Australian Fresh Winter Black Truffles can be kept for up to 12 months, but even in this case the method can only be applied to truffles that are cooked. Before placing it in the freezer, it should be washed, dried well and put in a bag. 

Truffles go great with:

Due to the great taste, they can go well with meat dishes, eg chicken with slices of truffle, soups, etc. The truffle must be washed before being consumed. To clean it, you can use a toothbrush for kitchen use. With a truffle slice, or at least with a very sharp blade, you can make very thin slices or grate it directly on the plate.

Butter pasta, fried egg, roast meat not seasoned (except with oil) are excellent dishes that help to enhance the truffle. The slices must be pan-fried in oil and cooked. As the black truffle has the strongest aroma,

The Australian Fresh Winter Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) grows slowly in the undergrowth throughout the Australian winter. Black Truffles have a strong aroma resembling cocoa, licorice, hazelnuts and mint.

Suggestion: Its most classic use is in a traditional sauce made by mixing the minced or chopped truffle to warm olive oil flavored with a hint of garlic, salt and ground pepper.

Storing: Keep refrigerated at under 40F for up to a week wrapped in a paper bag. We recommend consuming the truffles soon after they are received.

Season: Available from June into August.

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