Appennino Food Black Truffle Oil

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$22.95 8.5 fl oz (250ml)

Appennino Food Black Truffle Oil 8.5 fl oz (250ml)

Appennino Food Black Truffle Oil brings together two of the main elements of the traditional Italian cuisine: olive oil and truffle. This marriage intensifies the unmistakable and sweet aroma of black truffle, enhancing its characteristics to create a perfectly balanced truffle oil.

Appennino Food Black Truffle Oil can be used raw or in cooking. Its full-bodied taste makes it an ideal dressing for a wide range of mouth-watering salads, as well as a delicious truffle-flavored condiment for meat and fish dishes. Perfect to finish pasta and rice dishes, this ready-to-use condiment is particularly good as a dressing for salads and vegetables, especially potatoes and asparagus. It also makes a great truffle condiment to prepare bruschetta or frittata for a tasty snack.

Ingredients: Olive oil, flavoring. 

Storage: Store away from light and heat. 

Weight: 8.5 fl oz (250ml)


Product of Italy

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