Alma Gourmet Glaze with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP

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Glaze Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP

Glaze Balsamic vinegar is a delicious sweet and sour sauce made from balsamic vinegar, red wine and a pinch of sugar. It 'a sauce taste that is bittersweet used in the kitchen to make the most original and creative dishes. If you love the taste of balsamic vinegar, you can only adore that of icing which is even more intense and aromatic. It goes perfectly with meat, but it is also delicious in salads, risotto, or simply on cheeses.

The preparation of balsamic vinegar glaze is easy. It takes only a little time to follow the cooking to give it the right consistency, which must be creamy but not too much. Also, an important aspect is the resting time that is meant to make it thicken, and then it becomes ready for use immediately. It can be kept for a few days, up to two weeks, in an airtight jar.

How do you use the balsamic vinegar glaze on the table? The icing lends itself to many uses in the kitchen :

  • To season meat and fish
  • For salads

  • For mixed vegetable dishes

  • for canapés, croutons, and bruschetta

  • to stuff sandwiches

And without abounding it is not even too caloric. In 100 grams, there are about 88 calories, which makes it compatible with the diet, preferably used in small quantities and not too often.

Ingredients used to make this vinegar:

  • ml. 125 balsamic vinegar
  • ml. 125 red wine

  • g. 10 cane sugar (1 spoon)

The vinegar and wine are put in a medium saucepan and are brought to a boil over a very low flame. Continued cooking is done until the sauce has halved. At this point, sugar is added and left the mixture on the heat for a few more minutes. A cream with a consistency similar to that of syrup is attained.Once removed from the heat and cooled, the icing has a creamy consistency

This can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks

Calories of Glaze Balsamic vinegar

The ingredient of glaze balsamic vinegar contains about 189 kcal per 100 gr.

The nutritional values are:

Energy value (Calories)  189 kcal

Saturated fats            0   g

Carbohydrates          44  g

Sugars                 43    g

fibers                  0     g

Protein                 00:50  g

salt                              00:05 g

The ingredient's calories Balsamic vinegar glaze can vary based on various factors, such as the type of production and the freshness of the food.

Baked croutons with smoked provola cheese and balsamic glaze recipe

When many people organize a dinner with friends, one of the preparations that seldom misses are the baked Croutons with smoked provola and balsamic glaze, a simple recipe that is easy to make as an appetizer and that everyone always likes, as well.

To make these croutons only 3 ingredients are needed: a loaf of bread, preferably fresh, but it is fine if it has taken a day, then you need the smoked provola and, finally, the balsamic vinegar glaze. To serve them hot you can prepare them first, without cooking them. When the guests arrive, turn on the oven immediately. Within no time, talking, you can put them in the oven and serve them hot. The cooking is very fast, melt the provola. But even if prepared at the last minute, these Crostini with smoked provola and balsamic glaze are a really quick recipe.

Balsamic Glaze also called balsamic reduction is made from concentrated and cooked grape must. It is intensely aromatic, complex and sweet. Use this balsamic glaze to make an extraordinary experience out of a simple dish.

Suggestion: It is perfect for appetizers, main dishes and desserts.

16.9 fluid ounce (500 milliliter)

Ingredients: Cooked grape must, balsamic vinegar of Modena (39%), sugar, color: caramel E150d, modified corn starch. Contains sulfites

Packaging: Plastic Bottle

Region: Modena - IGP Protected

Product of Italy

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