Alma Gourmet Bomba Calabrese Hot Chili Spread

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$12.95 10.9oz (310g)

Bomba Calabrese Hot Chili and Vegetable Spread 10.93oz (310g)

Alma Gourmet Bomba Calabrese is a vibrant and spicy hot chili peppers spread that captures the essence of Southern Italy's fiery spirit. Crafted with the finest spicy Calabrian chili peppers, this sauce is a symphony of flavors, meticulously blended with a selection of vegetables including mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, eggplants, olives, carrots, peppers, turnips, and artichokes. Each ingredient is chosen for its quality and freshness, ensuring a product that is both rich in flavor and tradition.

Our Bomba Calabrese is preserved in high-quality sunflower seed oil, flavored with a delicate balance of vinegar and spices that accentuates its intense flavors without overwhelming the palate. This careful preservation method ensures that every jar is a true explosion of flavors, offering a versatile culinary tool that lends itself well to a wide variety of uses in the kitchen.

With its aromatic flavor, our Calabrian Hot Pepper Spread is perfect for elevating simple dishes and giving them a touch of gourmet spiciness. Spread it on bruschetta for a quick, flavorful appetizer, layer it in sandwiches or add it on top of pizza to add a spicy kick. Bomba Calabrese is also an excellent companion to the first and second courses of both meat and fish, adding depth and warmth to every bite.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of heat to your meals or seeking to discover new flavor combinations, experience the authentic taste of Calabria with Alma Gourmet Bomba Calabrese, and let it inspire your culinary adventures.

Ingredients: mixed vegetables (calabrian chili peppers, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, eggplants, olives, carrots, peppers, turnips, artichokes), sunflower oil, salt, oregano, garlic, wine vinegar, citric acid, ascorbic acid. 

Weight: 10.93oz (310g)

Storage: store in a cool, dry place. After opening, cover with oil, refrigerate and consume within 15/20 days.

Product of Italy

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