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Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice

Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice rice is a unique Carnaroli Superfino rice. It is grown and prepared by the Rondolino family on the Tenuta Colombara farm in the center of the Vercelli province in Italy. The success of this rice comes from the union between tradition and innovation that makes a unique production. Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice rice is an artisanal product designed for the highest expressions of Italian cuisine. Before it is sold the rice is kept for more than a year in refrigerated silos so that it can continue to mature and slowly age and so that it retains during cooking all its flavor and the qualities of a product rich in proteins and vitamins.

Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice Characteristics

Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice rice is aged Italian rice, capable of reaching qualitative and organoleptic perfection. The rice, still raw in its husk, before being milled, is stored in silos at a controlled temperature below 15 °. This way, by passing through a slow breath, joins a qualitative stabilization which improves cooking, by making starch and proteins less soluble, and by increasing the ability to absorb condiments.

To make it, first, the cereal is aged with its husk and then it is slowly refined and its precious germ is added again. Thanks to this exclusive and patented germ restoration process, Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice rice is the only white rice in the world that maintains the same nutritional characteristics of brown rice while giving it more absorption capacity, less stickiness, and more flavor. It is excellent for preparing all types of rice recipes: paellas, broths, salads, and risottos. With Acquerello Rice you can never go wrong with cooking rice.Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice combines the simple cooking of white rice with important nutrients found only in whole grain rice.

It is cultivated in harmony and respect for the environment. The water level is kept high while growing. This keeps the fragile ecosystem intact, as well as the typical fauna of the rice field: frogs, dragonflies, and herons have their home here.

Treatment and Aging of Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice

To make Acquerello rice requires 20 different delicate processing steps. The first thing to do is to use the propeller, which is always considered the best way to whiten the rice by simply rubbing the grains of rice. For aging, the raw rice is stored for at least a year in silos at a controlled temperature below 15° Celsius. This stabilizes the starch and reduces evaporation during cooking. Each grain increases the absorption of spices and aromas. Only about 1% of our crop is used to store for up to 7 years to create a product for the most demanding kitchens.

The aging process gives the rice 3 fantastic properties: the proteins, vitamins, and starch of the rice are better preserved during cooking, the rice absorbs sauces and seasonings better and the rice becomes firmer and less sticky than other risotto rice. These properties make Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice the world's best risotto rice. It's not for nothing that world-famous star chefs such as Heston Blumentahl and Alain Ducasse swear by this rice to make the perfect risotto.

The Rondolino family

Aquarelle is a Carnaroli rice cultivated, refined and packaged in Italy Tenuta Colombara in the Rondolino family. Its success is the result of a long study and family experience, the union of tradition and innovation allows unique processing. The still-raw cereal is the first aged, then slowly refined and replenished with its precious gem. It is precisely the processes of aging, processing, and sprouting that make Acquerello better, richer and healthier.

The dream of white grain, never achieved before - of maintaining the nutritional value of brown rice, has been carried out by Piero Rondolino, and protected worldwide by a patented process. The germ is the embryo of a new plant. It contains large amounts of nutrients (proteins, amino acids, lipids, vitamins, minerals). Only in Acquerello is the germ first separated from the bran, and then slowly mixed with the white rice. Each Acquerello grain covers and protects the valuable nutritive substance of the rice germ.Once harvested, the rice is stored for at least one year in refrigerated silos to give it more firmness and greater flavor. And, before packaging, the grains are bound with their germ, making it richer and more nutritious.

The secret of the ultimate risotto rice ...

But what exactly is the secret of the Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice? Harvesting is done with the greatest care for the environment and only organic farming methods are used. Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice is dried in refrigerated silos for at least a year after harvesting. "At least a year." says owner Piero Rondolino, "Because this gives the best result. But you'll also find rice that's five, seven or nine years old." This aging process causes the proteins, vitamins, and starch of the rice to be lost to a lesser extent in the cooking water. Also, the rice grain absorbs liquid more easily and therefore tastes better, and this rice is considerably less sticky than other risotto rice. The Italians say that the rice grains 'ballano in bocca', 'dance in the mouth'. These properties make the rice ideal for a wide variety of gastronomic recipes, from the most classic risotto to paella, actually any recipe with rice.

As the only risotto rice in the world, the Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice is processed with a worm screw.  During this costly and complicated peeling method, the rice grains are slowly sanded against the walls of a barrel for a minimum of 10 minutes by means of a worm screw, the inner walls of which are polished with a check stone. To compare this with regular rice; this is peeled in just 6 seconds.

While it is often true that the more refined and whiter the rice is, the more nutrients are lost, Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice is as rich in nutrients as brown rice, but it retains all the characteristics of the easy preparation of white rice. In fact, due to its exceptionally high quality, Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice is the only one that has been able to acquire the designation 'extra'.

Acquerello Aged Risotto Rice enhances Italian cuisine at its finest. This is the ultimate Carnaroli “Extra” rice, produced and packed by the Rondolino’s family on the Colombara farm, in the heart of Vercelli province. Its own success is the result of extensive researches and Rondolino’s legacies. It’s the union of tradition and innovation that allows its exclusive way of production. Acquerello rice is famous among chefs and gourmet lovers and it is considered the best rice in the world.

At first, still as paddy, Acquerello undergoes an aging process; then it’s slowly refined with the helix, and finally enriched with its own germ. The steps of aging, refining and enriching are, indeed the ones that makes this rice tastier, richer and healthier. The grains are perfectly whole, fully consistent, tastier and not sticky.

During the transportation process, cans may be dented upon arrival. We suggest transfering the rice to an airtight sealed conatiner or other vessel of storage. 

5.5 pound (2.5 kilogram)

Ingredients: Aged risotto rice

Packaging: Aluminium Wrap

Aging: 2 years
Region: Vercelli province

Product of Italy

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