Radicchio Castelfranco IGP

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Radicchio Castelfranco IGP

Crunchy and with a delicate taste, Radicchio Castelfranco IGP is as beautiful as a flower and excellent to taste as an ingredient in many recipes.



Radicchio Castelfranco IGP is an excellent Veneto fruit and vegetable product. Originally from the area of Castelfranco Veneto, today it is produced in a large territory that includes 54 municipalities between the provinces of Treviso, Padua, and Venice. Also known as the "rose" for its shape reminiscent of a flower, Radicchio Castelfranco IGP is beautiful to see but above all it is excellent to serve at the table for its unique taste, ranging from sweet to pleasantly bitter, fresh and delicate.

The harvest of the product begins on the first of October. Immediately afterward follow the bleaching processes that allow reaching the typical characteristics of the product.


History of Radicchio Castelfranco IGP

Radicchio di Castelfranco IGP was born in the eighteenth century from the cross between lettuce-leaved endive (Cichorium endivia var latifolium) and late Treviso red radicchio. For this reason, the variety combines the shape of the endive leaf, which is thick and creamy white in color, with the coloring and bleaching predisposition of late Treviso red radicchio. The clayey and sandy soils of the production areas, together with the climatic situation characterized by sufficiently rainy summers, dry autumns, and winters that turn cold early, give the product its characteristics.



Thanks to the great qualities and typical cultivations, Radicchio Castelfranco IGP obtained the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in 1996. A production specification outlines the territory of origin and describes the characteristics of cultivation. Also in 1996 the Consortium for the protection of Radicchio Rosso di Treviso and Variegato di Castelfranco was founded, which, as specified in the statute, took on the functions of protection, promotion, enhancement, consumer information and general care of the interests related to the PGI denomination, supervising the production and safeguarding its typicality.



Radicchio Castelfranco IGP is easily recognizable by its appearance.



Beautifully shaped and splendidly colored tuft with a minimum diameter of 15 cm. Starting from the base of the tuft there is a round of flat leaves, a second round of leaves a little more raised, a third-round even more inclined and so on till the heart; maximum length of the taproot 4 cm, diameter proportional to the dimensions of the stump itself; leaves as thick as possible, with a jagged edge, with a wavy surface of the flap, of roundish shape.



The creamy-white leaves are variegated from light purple to purplish-red to wine red. The leaves are large with little accentuated veins, jagged edge, and slightly wavy edge.



The flavor of the leaves is from sweet to pleasant, very delicate bitter.


Nutrition value of Radicchio Castelfranco IGP

Nutritionally it is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and with a high percentage of vitamins A, B2, C and PP. The forcing-bleaching is the fundamental and irreplaceable operation that enhances the organoleptic and aesthetic qualities of Radicchio Castelfranco IGP. It is carried out by placing the tufts in the condition of forming new leaves which, in the absence of light, are free or almost free of chlorophyll pigments, highlight the variegation in the background of the leaf leaf leaf, lose their fibrous consistency, assume crunchiness and a pleasantly bitter taste.


The whitening of Radicchio Castelfranco IGP can be done by dipping the heads vertically, in water suitable for the processing of fruit and vegetables, up to the proximity of the collar, for the period necessary to reach the right degree of ripeness; or in heated environments in the open field, ensuring the right degree of humidity of the root system, reducing light intensity and promoting the development of the shoots of each head.

When released for consumption, Radicchio Castelfranco IGP must have a head weighing at least 100 grams and a minimum diameter of the 'rose' of 15 cm.

Production of quality and high organoleptic value is guaranteed by the rigorous use of traditional techniques such as crop rotation only after 24 months with the prohibition of rotation with other composites, the restriction of fertilizations within the established limits and a maximum investment of 5 / 7 plants per m2.


A close relative of the Radicchio Castelfranco IGP, the Variegated Radicchio di Castelfranco PGI is produced in 25 municipalities in the province of Treviso, 19 in the province of Padua and 8 in the province of Venice. It appears externally as a head with central leaves that remain in an upright or spread position determining the characteristic ro-ro shape of the product. The leaves are creamy-white with variegations ranging from light purple to vinous red, distributed evenly over the entire surface. The flavor ranges from sweet to pleasantly bitter; the consistency is characteristic and crunchy. The production technique is similar to that of Radicchio Castelfranco IGP and in this case, also requires a forcing that causes the partial loss of color of the tufts. He obtained the PGI in 1996.


Use of Radicchio Castelfranco IGP in the kitchen

The uses of Radicchio Castelfranco IGP in the kitchen are numerous. Its characteristics make it the undisputed protagonist of salads, but it can be a precious ingredient of tasty recipes among appetizers, first and second courses, as well as side dishes. A classic example of its use is in risottos, filled pasta and flans combined with cheese.


The flavor is delicate and ranges from sweet to bitter so it is suitable for consumption in salads but also as an ingredient for other recipes.

It is possible to keep the radicchio in the refrigerator even a few days before consuming it, being careful to keep the leaves dry, to avoid losing the vitamins. Radicchio Castelfranco IGP is an extremely versatile product and can be tasted raw, to prepare mixed salads and appetizers, but also cooked, as an ingredient in the preparation of first and second courses based on meat and unique dishes. Radicchio Castelfranco IGP is also used to make tasty desserts, such as domino radicchio pie.


Radicchio Variegato di Castelfranco IGP. October marks the arrival on the market Variegated Radicchio di Castelfranco IGP, Its color, white cream yellow, variegated leaf and its shape make it one of the most admired radicchio. Nice-looking, soft on the palate, the variegated radicchio from Castelfranco waits patiently for the moment of its celebration.

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