Sorrento Lemons - Limoni di Sorrento

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Italian Sorrento Lemons - 2 pieces

Sorrento lemons, botanically classified as Citrus limon, are an Italian variety belonging to the Rutaceae family. The fragrant lemons are native to the Sorrento Peninsula and are one of the most famous types of lemons cultivated in Southern Italy. Sorrento lemon trees fruit up to four times a year, providing year-round production, and are grown in protected terraces along coastal mountainsides. 

Sorrento lemons are a medium to large variety with a somewhat bulbous, oval shape, tapering slightly at each end. The lemon’s peel is semi-thick and glossy, covered in prominent oil glands giving the surface a textured, bumpy feel. The peel also ranges in color from yellow with faint green patches to bright golden yellow depending on maturity. Underneath the surface, there is a thick, white, and spongy pith tightly clinging to tender, aqueous, and translucent-yellow flesh. Sorrento lemons release highly fragrant essential oils from their peel, creating a refreshing, sweet, and bright aroma. The flesh is acidic and subtly sweet with a zesty, tart, and tangy flavor.

Sorrento lemons are highly acidic, providing a bright flavoring for raw and cooked preparations. The lemon’s zest, rind, and juice can be incorporated into oils, vinegar, dressings, sauces, and marinades, or halves of the fruit can be squeezed directly over grain bowls, seafood, soups, curries, and stews for a pop of acidity. Sorrento lemons can also be roasted alongside meats and vegetables, sliced thinly and sprinkled with salt or sugar as a snack, layered and stuffed into poultry, or zested over pasta. It is important to note that Sorrento lemons can be used interchangeably in recipes calling for common lemons. The citrus provides a tangy, acidic taste to anything it is squeezed over, creating aromatic depth and complexity. In addition to savory preparations, Sorrento lemons can be used to flavor cakes, pies, tarts, scones, muffins, and cookies, or they can be zested over parfaits, ice cream, or sorbet. The lemons can also be simmered into preserves or custards, boiled into sugar to create a candied lemon peel, or salted and cured for extended use. Beyond culinary preparations, Sorrento lemons can be juiced and stirred into cocktails, lemonade, tea, and other sparkling beverages. Italian Sorrento Lemons pair well with other fruits such as guavas, mangoes, passion fruits, coconut, blueberries, and apples, herbs including mint, sage, oregano, rosemary, and basil, and seafood such as octopus, shrimp, and fish. Whole, unwashed Sorrento lemons will keep 7 to 10 days at room temperature or 3 to 4 weeks when stored in the refrigerator.

Storage: whole, unwashed Sorrento lemons will keep 7 to 10 days at room temperature or 3 to 4 weeks when stored in the refrigerator.

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