Fresh Tropea Red Onions

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Italian Tropea Red Onions - 4 pieces

Tropea red onion is the name given to the red onion grown in Calabria and produced between Briatico and Capo Vaticano, in the province of Vibo Valentia. In Tropea, the onion harvest is still done by hand and begins at the end of June, continuing throughout July. Traditionally, red onions are dried and woven "in braids", this is how they are preserved until the next harvest.

The mild coastal climate with constant year-round temperatures, sunny days and the northern “tramontana” together with the fertile soil, containing sand from the Tyrrhenian beaches create a natural booster for this produce, making it special and unique. This particular habitat, together with the high quantity of water contained in the onion, make them less aggressive and not irritating to the human eye when they are sliced. 

Very pleasantsweeter and more aromatic than golden and white onions, Tropea Onions are rich in nutrients and active ingredients that are best enjoyed when eaten raw. In addition, they have quercetin, the flavonoid responsible for their red color, which is a valuable antioxidant for the immune system. 

Tropea onions are delicious when eaten raw, in salads, on top of bruschetta or with beans, as well as cooked, sauteed, baked or fried into a frittata. They are also great for making marmalades, jams and mousses.

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