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Truffle Slicer Smooth Blade

Lovers of good food value the products of the land like no one else. One of the most precious foods in the kitchen is truffles. Mushrooms that grow underground and are difficult to find but have the power to completely change the flavors of a dish of rice, meat or transform simply cooked potatoes. For this, it is very important to have utensils designed to get the most out of these distinguished products. Get a truffle cutter and become a chef!

In the kitchen, as in all workspaces, it is essential to have all the necessary tools to achieve perfect results. At alma gourmet, we give you the keys to use your truffle cutter like a professional. Keep reading!



Great cuisine such as truffles deserves special treatment. Its rarity and, consequently, its high price in the market forces us not to waste a single gram. This is the goal of a truffle cutter. It is a utensil made of stainless steel or wood that incorporates a smooth and adjustable cutting blade.

Depending on the model of the truffle cutter, there are different measures to regulate the thickness of the sheet to be cut, but they range from approximately 0.3 millimeters to approximately 3 millimeters. In this way, we can get transparent sheets that are ideal for flavoring and giving a fine flavor to our dishes, or we can make thicker sheets to intensify the presence of the truffle. 

It is a tool of maximum precision and it is in our hands to adjust the desired sheet thickness. A small wheel located on the side allows you to select the volume in a very simple way.



You may think that a truffle cutter is only reserved for creating sophisticated truffle dishes but this is not the case. You can use this utensil for other purposes. For example, when you need to laminate soft fruits and vegetables very demanding. Your truffle cutter adapts to any plate to cut apples or bananas into thin sheets. There is no challenge to resist!

Of course, it is essential not to force your truffle cutter since it is a high precision utensil with products that can damage its cutting blade.

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This truffle cutter, made entirely of stainless steel, is provided with a smooth cutting blade, manually adjustable from 0.3 to 3 mm. It is the special and unique utensil for laminating both fresh and canned truffles. The precision of the cut allows to obtain from the truffles very thin sheets, optimizing their performance.



The purpose of the cutter is to extract from the truffles a large number of sheets, which translates into a greater diffusion of its aroma and flavor on food. To do this, we will turn the wheel that controls the cutting blade carefully, until obtaining the thinnest possible cutting thickness. If it is insufficient, we will turn the wheel until we get almost transparent sheets. Use in the dishwasher is not recommended.

With the truffle cutter, you can also laminate fruits and vegetables as long as they are not too hard since the system that regulates the position of the cutting blade would be affected and may shorten the life of the product.



Easy to store - it has a hanging hole design for easy and comfortable storage, compact and space-saving, it can be hung directly on the hook, it does not take up your additional space in the kitchen. Very practical kitchen slicing tool.

Sharp adjustable blades - our razor all blocks come with easily adjustable sharp blades, can slice chocolate, truffles, chocolate, and cheese, from thin paper to other various thicknesses just with the twist of a screw.

Elegant and modern - elegant silver and comfortable smooth handle, modern false ceiling appearance, exquisite workmanship, which makes it perfect for any kitchen or restaurant. Add a nice element to your kitchen.

Multifunction - also sparse soft chocolate, finishes slicing cheese, cooked garlic, mushrooms, and vegetables. You can easily add delicate cheese dessert recipes to decorate baked goods, drinks, coffee, and frozen drinks.

High-quality - material is made of high-quality stainless steel, anti-corrosion, anti-rust and more safety, harmless to the human body, robust and durable for use, and you can rotate the screw to adjust the position of the blade easily.


The traditional tools of serving truffles are Truffle slicers. These adjustable truffle slicers can cut as thin as 0.2 mm slices so that the full flavor of the white or black truffles can be exposed.

The blade is very sharp so it is to be handled with caution, especially when slicing small bits of truffle. After each use, wash thoroughly and retract the blade into the frame for safety and longevity of the slicer.

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