Italian Cannellini Beans

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Italian Cannellini beans - 1.1 lb (500g)

Cannellini beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris L), also called white beans, belong to the Leguminosae family. They were born in Tuscany but today they are grown all over Italy. They are small legumes, with an elongated shape, pearly white color, and their flavor is very delicate and they are very light food. For this reason, they used in the preparation of many recipes, including “dietetic” ones.

Cannellini beans nutritious facts

Cannellini beans contain vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin C and folic acid. Mineral salts including phosphorus, calcium, zinc, and iron. They are rich in fiber including inulin and pectin. They are an excellent source of protein and contain little fat.

They have a variable calorie intake depending on the state of conservation. Fresh raw or cooked, they provide a medium concentration of energy. Generally, the total calories of these beans are lower than refined cereals and more similar to those of other starchy seeds rich in fiber. The energy content is mainly provided by carbohydrates, followed by proteins and a small amount of lipids.


The carbohydrates are predominantly complex ( starch ) unlike cereals, these proteins are rich in lysine and low in sulfur amino acids.Fiber is abundant and cholesterol is absent.


As far as mineral salts are concerned, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, zinc and selenium are more present. Concerning vitamins, on the other hand, there are good concentrations of some water-soluble products belonging to group B such as thiamine B1, niacin PP, pantothenic acid B5, and pyridoxine B6. There is also a fair concentration of lecithins, phytosterols, and other polyphenolic antioxidants.

White beans are gluten, lactose, and histamine free, but their proteins can be responsible for specific allergies.

Anti-nutritional factors

These legumes contain anti-nutritional factors such as phytic acid, oxalic acid, and protease inhibitors. The first two are responsible for the chelation of certain important minerals, while the third group compromises the digestion and absorption of proteins. To eliminate these substances it is necessary to cook the food carefully (the dried seeds lose a large part of the phytates and oxalates during soaking).

Cannellini beans recipes

Cannellini beans are very versatile legumes. You can find them fresh, dried or already cooked. when fresh, they must be shelled before cooking. If you buy them dried, they should be rinsed and left to soak for 8 hours in cold water. Rinse them at least a couple of times during the 8 hours. And then proceed with cooking. If you buy them already cooked, remove the conservation water and rinse them before consuming them.They can be eaten alone with a drizzle of oil, a pinch of salt and pepper before the meal as an aperitif.They can be combined with first courses such as pasta or brown rice for a complete dish or combined in small quantities with vegetable side dishes, main courses or salads.

Famous recipes based on white beans are bird beans, cannellini beans, ribollita, pasta and beans, sausage and beans, polenta and white beans, mussel and white bean sauce, boiled cannellini beans, white bean cream, etc.

The flourdi cannellini is very useful for packaging various types of dough. For example, with a percentage of about 10 %, a bread with a very characteristic flavor can be produced. The average portion of dried white beans, used as a first course, is 100 g (about 280 kcal ). That of fresh raw beans, frozen or boiled in a jar is about 3 times higher.


Gastronomic use of white beans

White beans can be used to make appetizers but above all first courses and side dishes. They are suitable for any recipe, in any form of preservation, even if the most advisable product is always the fresh one. Raw cannellini beans are available in the summer season.

In the dried form, the white beans need a preventive period (6-10 hours) of soaking in cold water, necessary to rehydrate them just before cooking. The water, which would be better to change halfway through soaking, must be eliminated, as it is rich in anti-nutritional elements. The most suitable cooking system is drowning (boiling) in a normal pot, with cold water and low heat, in which they can simply be boiled or stewed, alone or together with other ingredients.

Cannellini Beans are white kidney beans, also known as Italian white kidney beans. They contain high levels of protein, essential minerals and fiber while maintaining a low level of fats.

This specific variety is very popular in Italian cuisine, appearing dishes such as minestrone, pasta e fagioli soup and the common stewed bean side dish with garlic and rosemary.

This bean was originally cultivated in Argentina by Italian immigrants and was later taken back to Italy, where they are now grown commercially.

Suggestions: Cannellini beans are great with soup.

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