Antica Salina Sea Salt Fine - 22lb (10kg)

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Antica Salina Sea Salt Fine - 22lb Bag

Antica Salina is a natural sea salt of the highest quality obtained by evaporation of the uncontaminated water of the Sicilian sea. Thanks to the action of the sun and the wind, and the wise hand of man, it is particularly rich in flavor and able to enrich every dish.

Bring to your kitchen the Antica Salina salt in the convenient 22lb bag 

Packaging: 22lb Bag

Product of Sicily

About SoSalt 

SoSalt - Sale Marino di Trapani history began in 1922 when, thanks to a group of entrepreneurs from Trapani, traditionally linked to the salt economy, Sies (Società Italiana Esportazione Sale) was founded. After 75 years of history, the company merged with Sosalt, which had been founded 8 years earlier, in 1989, with the initial intention to market only the salt produced. As a result of this merger, the current Sosalt SPA was born.

The company, since its inception, aims to optimize the cultivation and harvesting of salt, without interfering with the natural ecosystem. The industrial plant, which covers an area of 20,000 square meters, 4,000 of which are covered, allows to carry out all the movements of process, washing, drying, storage, in a closed environment, ensuring a perfect hygienic-sanitary control in all phases of the process. In 2013, in order to strengthen the production system, the company has equipped itself with an additional plant on an area of 10,000 square meters of which 1600 covered in which modern packaging lines have been implemented, mainly dedicated to meet the demand from foreign markets. 

The production process

The salt extraction technique, adopted in the Trapani saltworks, is based on the spontaneous evaporation of sea water. Since the earliest times the saliferous countryside has been naturally linked to the succession of seasons, starting in March-April and ending in October. The winter semester remains the period of natural rest of the basins that are prepared for the production of the following season. The salt is produced through a selective process of "fractional precipitation". Only when the brine reaches the state of saturated solution, is it introduced into the crystallization tanks, where it precipitates sodium chloride, creating thicknesses that can reach 12 to 15 centimeters.  Harvesting is carried out either by hand or mechanized. The latter mode allows efficient harvesting while preserving all the characteristics of sea salt. 

The Saltworks

The saltworks of Trapani fall within the Nature Reserve of the Saline di Trapani-Paceco, one of the most uncontaminated reserves in Western Sicily. In these saltworks, which extend for about 1000 hectares, for thousands of years man's knowledge and tradition has harmoniously combined with nature to create the Sea Salt of Trapani. In fact, it is here that SoSalt produces most of the product that is used by the entire Italian food chain and that can be found on the shelves of supermarkets, delicatessens and restaurants all over the world. These saltworks are the emblem of the perfect integration between tradition and the most modern technology applied to salt. 

The Ettore e Infersa Saltworks are where SoSalt produces their unrefined sea salt, rigorously hand-picked using traditional methods handed down through generations. These saltworks represent a rare testimony of virtuous collaboration between man and nature, in fact they are an extremely suggestive place where the "salt culture"has shaped the territory, in full respect of the ecosystem, in the wake of a centuries-old tradition. 

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