Boquerones White Anchovies Fillet of Cantabria-Spain

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Boquerones White Anchovies Fillet of Cantabria

The Boquerones White Anchovies fillet of Cantabria is among the most prized species for canning or semi-preserves thanks to its intense aroma and the softness of its meat. They can be consumed in many ways and all retain their aroma and flavor. They are delicious battered with quality olive oil, fried in garlic, roasted in the oven or simply grilled and accompanied by a vinaigrette sauce. Since their meat is more fat they do not need to add more to be tasty and juicy. And if you want to give the anchovies a touch of distinction, they are a perfect ingredient to make some tasty canapés or an original and nutritious anchovy or pate paste.

Boquerones (as the anchovy fillets are called in Spain) is a very popular appetizer or tapa, especially in southern Spain. These anchovies have been elaborated with selected fishing of the spring catches in the Cantabrian Sea. Handpicked, by hand, meticulously one by one, they are of a larger caliber, and their color, flavor, texture and vinegar stitch are the unique beams.

The anchovies fillets have a brown color before processing, only in the course of treatment with vinegar they color in the familiar white.


Anchovies, sunflower oil, wine vinegar (sulfites), garlic, parsley, and salt

 Nutritional properties of The Boquerones White Anchovies fillet of Cantabria

For starters, it has a high level of Omega3 fatty acids. They are healthy fats, essential for a balanced diet.

It has high protein content similar to what we can find in meat or fish. Thanks to its high level of vitamins A and D, it is a food that helps improve vision and defend against infections. It also helps to better absorb calcium and facilitates the production of sex hormones and liver enzymes.

Nutritional information

Data per 100g in g

Calorific value kJ / kcal 536.00

Fat                   3.90

Fatty acids       1.42

Carbohydrates 0.53

Sugars             0.53

Protein            28.80

Salt                  3.50

The best anchovies are caught between March and June when the amount of fat in the animal is very high. Normally after taking them out of the sea, they are introduced into containers of salted water in a salt concentration percentage of 22%.

A preferred consumption time of 12 months is set, always maintaining the cold chain.

The optimal time of consumption would be a few days after elaborated, until its recommended consumption date, it is always better not to leave them for the last month, because like a good wine, it makes a curve and can go down in texture.

Also, in The Boquerones White Anchovies fillet of Cantabria we recommend that once the container is opened, freshly removed from the refrigerator, leave it a few minutes so that the olive oil is tempered, between 16ºC and 18ºC, thus we avoid that with the heat they seem saltier, and although they can be stored in the refrigerator covered for the next day, we advise you to eat in the day (like a wine).

Anchovies are prepared with a clean head and guts. The fish is put in layers, covered with dead salt, in a metal container (the large cans of olives that are used in hospitality are already empty) or a plastic barrel that is closed with a wooden lid on which It puts a counterweight to facilitate pressing.

After six months, it is time to open the 'can', to extract the jaws and put them to hydrate in water for a few minutes before proceeding to the 'sobado'. This operation is done with a piece of fishing net, although kitchen paper is also very useful at home. Once the skin anchovy is cleaned, the fillets are separated and the spines are removed. The scissors greatly accelerates the process at the edges, in which a clamp is also used to remove the most rebellious 'hairs'. The process concludes by adding olive oil. Anchovy, like bonito, can be dull for consumption at any time of the year.

Our tip: arrange the boquerones as tapas on a plate and sprinkle with freshly cut parsley. This looks great and tastes great.

Boquerones Pujado Solano, S.A. has more than 35 years of experience producing a selection of gourmet anchovies, white anchovy fillets and white tuna (Bonito del Norte) from the Cantabrian Sea.

Our products are made with the finest quality fish from the Cantabrian Sea. Meticulous manual processes give you our packed and marinated Boquerones Anchovy fillets. Unlike the other variety, the white marinated anchovies do not undergo a long salt-curing process. The fish is processed fresh, within a few hours of being caught, to ensure its maximum freshness and quality. Because it’s prepared fresh, it has absolutely no additives or preservatives.

The white Boquerones anchovy is marinated for approximately 48 hours in our own blend of water, vinegar and salt, which gives the product its typical flavour. This recipe and preparation process yield a fillet that is very meaty and juicy, a texture that can only be achieved through manual production.

24.69 ounce (700 gram)

Ingredients: Anchovy marinated in white wine vinegar, sunflower oil, salt

Packaging: Round Plastic Tray with Peelable Heat Seal

Region: Cantabria

Product of Spain

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