Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone - Egg Pasta

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Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone


The package contains 250 grams of Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone which is enough for about 2 people. Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone is easy to use and is suitable for all your favorite meat or fish dishes. The cooking time is approximately 3 minutes and the pasta adheres well to the pasta sauce.


Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone is made in a traditional way from Durum wheat semolina, eggs, and dehydrated powdered black truffle. It is known for its high quality and is served in several star restaurants. The pasta is suitable for all your favorite pasta recipes. Easy to use, quick to cook and delicious to eat!



Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone is characterized by short cooking time, intense taste and a high content of nutrients. The egg paste from Antica Pasta has a classic flat and narrow format. It is drawn on bronze plates, rolled out on sheets of pure cellulose paper and dried at low temperatures. Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone is an ideal combination with fresh tomato sauce, sauces with vegetables and herbs. 


Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, eggs 23.1%, dehydrated powdered black truffle 3.6%, aroma

Allergens: The product contains gluten and eggs.

GMOs: The product does not contain any GMOs.

Origin of the ingredients: semolina 70-80% Italian, eggs 100% from Italian breeders.

Odor: delicate scent of eggs and semolina.

Color: amber yellow.

Taste: typical of egg paste, soft and strong.

Consistency: excellent firm and elastic

Cooking time: 2-3 minutes


Production of Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone

Campofilone is a small medieval hilltop village in the Marche region, surrounded by an indescribable landscape between the magical blue of the Adriatic and the magical green hills of the Aso Valley.

The special climate that favors the drying of pasta has enabled the development of manual production of pasta since the sixteenth century, and the Carassai family still produces this pasta today, keeping the tradition and the original recipe. The manufacturing process includes careful selection of semolina and flour, preparation of the dough with only fresh eggs, and slow processing using bronze matrices and laminating rollers.

The resulting dough, rough and porous, is cut into various shapes. The forms are sorted manually on the back of a knife and placed on a typical white paper sheet folded on the sides. It is then dried on a special frame for more than 24 hours at an average temperature below 30c. The process described guarantees optimal results in the cooking process, which gives the pasta its unique taste, as well as excellent lightness and confidentiality.

The experience gained in over ten years of activity in the egg pasta production sector, the rigorous choice of the best raw materials, the craftsmanship not conditioned by purely commercial needs and above all the care and passion that is put into everyday work are the ingredients that characterize each packet of Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone.

The company has decades of experience in the production and marketing of egg pasta, according to the artisan tradition of Campofilone. Their philosophy has always been focused on the quality of our products, respect for tradition and customer satisfaction.


La Campofilone is based in a small village in the heart of Italy, Campofilone, where the tradition of manual egg noodle production originated. Even today, its owner, Enzo Rossi, continues this tradition and produces its pasta in the same way as the old women in the village did before. Raw materials are selected carefully, such as durum wheat from the Marche region, which gives the pasta an excellent taste due to its high protein content. Also, only eggs from free-range hens are used, which are fed exclusively with grains.

The pasta dough is prepared at low temperatures and, after rolling and cutting, laid out in the Campofilon way, on folded paper sheets and then dried at below 36 ° C for 24-48 hours.


Cooking Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone

Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone is packed in a sturdy bag and has a long shelf life. The bag contains 250 grams of Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone. The cooking time of the pasta is approximately 8 minutes. The spaghetti is made from organic durum wheat and water. Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone cooks easily and does not stick together. Due to the good quality of the pasta, the pasta sauce adheres well to the pasta and makes your pasta recipe even better! Combine Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone with for example delicious homemade pesto or use them for a pasta recipe with home-made tomato sauce.



Cook Truffle Fettuccine Campofilone like they do in Italy: Put a large pan on the fire and fill it with warm water. Bring the water to the boil and add some salt. Add about 10 grams of salt per 3 liters of water. Once the water boils you can add the pasta to the water. Keep the pasta moving well while they are slowly cooking. Each pasta has a different cooking time, so check the packaging beforehand to see how long the pasta should cook. When the cooking time has elapsed, it is best to taste whether the pasta is cooked the way you like it. Tastes differ! Drain the pasta and save a cup with the cooking water. You can use this later to make the pasta a little moister.


The ingredients of Antica Pasta Campofilone are the consolidated experience of more than 10 years in the egg pasta production, the strict procedure for ingredient selection, the handcrafted processing, without the influence of purely commercial exigencies and above all the extreme passion that we put daily in our work. Campofilone is above all synonymous of an ancient cooking tradition, production of eggs noodles.

Today, as in the past, able hands knead the flour with the eggs to obtain large, soft, thin and golden sheets of pasta. The experience and the care taken in this particular homemade production, which has been passed on from generation to generation since 1400, is the key to the secret of our delicious noodles.

8.8 ounce (250 gram)

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, eggs, dehydrated powdered black truffle 3.6%, aroma

Packaging: Paper box

Region: Campofilone

Product of Italy

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