Cacciatorino Abruzzese Salami 7oz

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$34.95 14oz (397g)

Niagara Cacciatorino Abruzzese Salami (Ventricina) - 7oz (200g)

Cacciatorino Abruzzese is an Italian inspired salami, handcrafted in western New York. Abruzzese salami incorporates spicy chili flakes with a hint of fennel for a satisfying spicy finish. Only the highest quality of meats crafted by the Pingue family for generations with no artificial chemicals or preservatives.

Cacciatorino Abruzzese is only made with GAP Certified Pork (no antibiotics, no growth promotants or steroids, ethically raised from farrow to finish). GAP is the body that approves growers who are supplying Whole food Markets.

This is where Niagara Specialty Foods separates itself from the competition, Only Natural Ingredients: Spices, Wine & Garlic only – no chemical preservative, no nitrates, no nitrites, no sodium ethyrobate, no celery, swiss chard, cherry, beet juices, salts, extracts, powders or any other laboratory created derivative. Nitrates and nitrites do not occur naturally at levels high enough to cure meats – despite the claims on competitive brands’ labels.

Weight: 4 Piece 3.5oz Whole Salami Stick

Storage: refrigerate after opening 

Made in NY, USA

This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects as well as other reproductive harm. For more information please go to