Pizza Croccantina Romana - Scrocchiarella Crunchy Pizza Rosemary

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$5.95 7.05oz (200g)

Pizza Croccantina Romana - Roman "Scrocchiarella" Crunchy Pizza - Rosemary | 200g (7.05oz)

Pizza Croccantina is a unique Italian crunchy pizza made with with only natural, non GMO ingredients, without the addition of preservatives or acidifying. The taste and the crunchiness of this pizza resembles the traditional scrocchiarella Romana, typical crunchy Schiacciata (pizza) of the Lazio region. The freshness and integrity of this product are guaranteed by a rapid and safe packaging that ensures its preservation for long time. Indeed, Pizza Croccantina maintains its freshness and crunchiness for long time, even after opening. Pizza Croccantina comes conveniently "broken" into pieces , ready to be enjoyed straight from the bag.

Pizza Croccantina can be enjoyed by itself, straight from the bag as the ultimate crunchy snack, or it can be consumed as a delicious alternative to regular bread, as it goes well with any kind of food. Try it with a cheese and charcuterie board for a perfect Aperitivo Italian style as well as with any preserved veggies, bruschetta spreads and literally anything that you would match with a piece of bread.

The History of Pizza Croccantina

In Rome, for over a hundred years of tradition of bakery products, the Pizza Croccantina was born in 1990 , a light, fragrant, tasty pizza on the palate with a fairly long preservation, but without the addition of preservatives. From the sacrifices, the sleepless nights spent experimenting and mixing ingredients and passion, this is how, thanks to the secret ingredient, the Love for the flour, this fantastic pizza was born and has held the competing snacks market for 30 years. Our work and strong dedication are satisfied in the amazement of consumers' faces at the first taste, who, wide-eyed, are visibly struck by the flavor of this product. We work only with high quality raw materials from qualified and certified suppliers , which guarantee us consistency and success. For 20 years we have been producing a line with ingredients from organic farming. This Italian excellence , now recognized by the 2016 register with certification number 4669 in the register of Italian Excellences, is now available all over Europe and in the USA ; each market is carefully evaluated by our foreign office, to meet the needs and guarantee the satisfaction of every customer.

Ingredients: 00 wheat flour, water, durum wheat semolina, extra virgin olive oil, pomace oil, barley malt yeast, salt, rosemary.

Flavor: rosemary

Weight: 200g (7.05oz)

Product of Italy

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