Traditional Ragu' Bolognese Meat Sauce

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$38.50 28.2oz (800g)
The Amerigo Traditional Bolognese is the only Italian authentic prepared according to the ancient recipe registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Bologna. We use only select cuts of beef, a little tomato sauce, and the classic mixture of vegetables: celery, carrots, and onions. The cooking has to be a bit long and over low heat to avoid drying out the meat too much and to retain all the flavors of the different ingredients. Amerigo Bolognese Sauce, traditional Ragu Bolognese Meat Sauce is the same artisanal tomato-based pasta sauce with pork served in its restaurant in Bologna, Italy. Amerigo, from the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, respect the traditions of Italian cuisine and the quality of the ingredients, only using the finest products in season, all Italian in origin, to create its fine sauces.

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