Hot Coppa Alps

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Hot Coppa Alps

Hot Coppa Alps (more rarely capicollo ) is a pork shoulder used to indicate the same type of salami (an exception is represented by the coppa di testa, a particular cooked sausage). The term was first used in the regions of northern Italy then to central and south regions. Coppa Alps is fairly fatty and is rich with sodium. Coppa is made with the shoulder muscles of the pigs. Production is spread throughout the peninsula and the recipes (and consequently the calorie intake) vary depending on the area in which it is made. In Italy, there are two DOPs obtained from this type of salami: the coppa piacentina and the capocollo of Calabria. It is a very popular salami in the Italian tradition, it can be found in different locations with different names like Coppa Parma, Coppa Piacentina, Capocollo, etc. The shoulder muscles of large pigs are used for Coppa. From the capocollo (part of the loin) the cup is obtained after trimming and degreasing. It has an elongated shape with a tip from one end. When cut, the dough is compact, homogeneous and bright red, with slightly pink white fat. The meat is massaged with a mixture of salt, pepper, and spices and then wrapped in a pork gut, tied tightly and leaves to mature for a few months in places with carefully controlled temperature and humidity. It has a sweet scent and a delicate flavor that intensifies with the aging process.

How to store Hot Coppa Alps

It should be consumed within a short time since it is cooked meat. During preservation,
the salt is added to the mixture and some natural spice.
Area of ​​origin
The most common cup comes from Parma


Hot Coppa Alps traditionally had to be consumed by Easter, while today vacuum packing,
refrigeration and quick sale in shopping centers have partly solved the problem of
limited shelf life. It can be eaten as a sliced ​​or as a side dish with tigelle and fried
dumplings, or together with polenta. It is advisable to slice it by hand due to possible
small bones that could ruin the slicer blade.

Hot Coppa Alps is a domestic air dried whole pork shoulder. Having much in common with prosciutto, it should be sliced thinly. Coppa comes in two varieties, sweet or spicy, the hot version is surrounded by chili pepper and paprika.

Suggestion: Sliced thin, it is a classic on a plate of salami and is perfect for sandwiches.


Ingredients: Pork, salt, dextrose, spices, chili pepper, paprika, sodium nitrite

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic

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