Ferrarini Mortadella with Pistachios

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$129.00 12lb (5.5kg)

Ferrarini Mortadella with Pistachios - 12 lb Approx.

Original Mortadella from Bologna is instantly recognizable thanks to its rosy hue and specks of glistening white fat. Mortadella is an Italian classic, and has been produced throughout Northern and Central Italy since the 14th century. A very finely ground pork sausage, perfectly spiced and dotted with cubes of pork fat. It is made using select lean cuts of pork meat, ground into a fine paste, and stuffed in a casing to be cooked in special humidity-controlled ovens. Small cubes of fat taken from the pig’s neck are added to bring an element of sweetness to its characteristically full-flavor and firmness to its otherwise soft, velvety texture.

Suggestion: Mortadella is most often served thinly sliced or cut into cubes, but can also be used to give an added flavor to pasta fillings, or ground into meat dishes.

12 pound (5.4 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES


Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic

Product of Italy

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