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Speck Alto Adige IGP

Speck Alto Adige IGP is a delicate product obtained from boned pork legs, trimmed at the top and then salted, slightly smoked and seasoned.

Production method

The selected pork legs are delivered fresh and must weigh not less than 10.5 kg; boned and trimmed must weigh at least 5.2 kg and have a homogeneous surface without cracks or pockets. From this point on, the work will be called "baffe". Each leg is marked on the cot with the start of the processing date to check the curing times that will take place later. Within four days from the start of processing, the bees are moderately salted, dry flavored with natural herbs. 

The smoking takes place "cold", with non-resinous wood and the smoke temperature cannot exceed 20 ° C. The bees are then seasoned in special rooms at temperatures between 10 and 15 ° C with a humidity between 55 and 90%, according to local customs and traditions. The minimum duration of the seasoning varies according to the terminal weight of the baffeas. It, therefore, goes from a minimum of 20 weeks to at least 32 for the heaviest product.

Appearance and flavor

It is characterized by a "heart"  shape. Externally it is brown. When cut, it is ussually red with pink-white parts. It is elastic and, not sticky in the lean part and not greasy in the fat part. The taste is typical, highly intense, tasty, with hints of smoke, spices and aromatic-herbs.


Speck Alto Adige IGP is preserved, if whole, in a cool environment. The packaged product, on the other hand, is kept for a few months in the less cold shelf of the refrigerator, wrapped in a cloth and not exposed to light. Before serving, it is a good idea to leave it at room temperature for as long as it takes to recover all its fragrance and ideal consistency. Distinctive note

The preparation of ham in Alto Adige combines two very different production methods: on the one hand the one used in the Mediterranean countries, and on the other that typical of the countries of Northern and Central Europe. With the Mediterranean method, the ham is produced by drying the pork legs with air and salt. With the Nordic method, the preparation of the ham takes place with salt, spices, and smoke.

Alto Adige is the meeting place between these two cultures, where a typical local production process has developed. Both methods of preparation of the ham are combined, which is both the seasoning in the open air and the smoking, taking advantage of both. This combination makes Speck Alto Adige a unique and unmistakable ham. Even today, each producer keeps their family recipe, handed down from generation to generation.

However, large and small producers of Speck Alto Adige IGP have one thing in common: the craftsmanship and the full respect of the speck for the production of speck according to tradition. Strict checks guarantee excellent quality. The production of Speck Alto Adige IGP is a real art, which is based on five distinct phases: from the choice of the raw material to the salting, to the smoking, up to the seasoning of the speck and the quality control.

Italian speck, or dry-cured smoked ham, can be traced back to the 13th century; however, the name itself didn’t enter the common use until five centuries later. Originally produced by farmers isolated in the mountains of Alto Adige, Speck’s popularity and production have spread to other regions of Italy. Speck Alto Adige is made from a deboned pig’s rear thigh, that's smothered in a dry-cure of salt and various spices, which often include pepper, garlic, juniper, pimento, and sugar. After about two weeks of curing, the meat is gently smoked over wood for another two to three weeks. Finally, it is left to dry for 20 to 24 weeks, further developing its smoky flavor.

Suggestion: In Alto Adige, speck is cut into thick slices and served with a dark, hearty bread.

5 pound (2.3 kilograms) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pork, salt, dextrose, spices, flavors, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite, rosemary

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic

Product of Italy


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