Del Colle Corona Beans

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Del Colle Corona Beans - 1.1 lb (500g)

Corona beans are legumes with convex and flattened seeds, large size and intense white color. They have a characteristic creamy consistency and a delicate flavor. Very similar to the Spanish white beans, they are characterized by the larger size of the seeds.Corona beans are beans with a rich taste and full-bodied texture. They are ideal to prepare tasty appetizers and rich summer salads. Without preservatives, boiled naturally, they are a genuine and delicious product, a natural source of fiber and protein, ideal for a healthy and balanced diet.

Ingredients: Dried Corona beans.

They may contain traces of cereals containing gluten, soy, sesame, mustard and lupine.

Properties and benefits

Energy Source. They have a variable calorie intake based on the state of conservation(388 kJ). The total calories of these beans are lower than refined cereals and more similar to those of other starchy seeds rich in fiber. The energy content is mainly provided by carbohydrates, followed by proteins and a small number of lipids;

Macronutrients. Corona beans are rich in carbohydrates, peptides, and unsaturated lipids. These proteins are rich in lysine and low in sulfur amino acids. It is also rich in fiber and free from cholesterol.

Micronutrients. Corona beans are rich in mineral salts, such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, calcium, zinc and selenium. Concerning vitamins, however, there are those of group B such as thiamine B1, niacin PP, pantothenic acid B5 and pyridoxine B6. There is also a moderate concentration of lecithins, phytosterols and other polyphenolic antioxidants.

Corona beans are gluten, lactose and histamine free, but their proteins can be responsible for specific allergies.

Nutritional values

AVERAGE VALUES per 100 g of product


92 kcal - 388 kJ


5.4 g


13.6 g

of which sugars

0.5 g


0.2 g

of which saturated

0.0 g


7.3 g


0.6 g

Indications for use (Preparation and use)

In the kitchen Corona beans are ideal for the preparation of soups, side dishes and salads. Rich in pulp and thin skin, they are particularly suitable for preparing fresh summer salads.

Corona beans are a perfect mix of crunchiness, texture and flavor. Their peel makes them perfect for stew in which the beans must not lose their texture. Their tenderness makes them distinctive and interesting for many preparations where an ingredient for spicing is needed. In salads with onion, tuna or mozzarella are the ideal complement from a nutritional point of view.

Method of preparation:

After washing Corona beans thoroughly, soak them in cold water for 4/6 hours. Replace the water and put them on the fire, preferably in a crock pot. Bring to a boil and continue cooking over low heat for about 90 minutes. In a pressure cooker, about 30 minutes from the start of the whistle are sufficient. Season with salt.The cooking times are indicative as they can vary according to the variety and origin of the product and the type of preparation to be obtained.

Corona beans with sage pesto

Corona beans with sage pesto  an easy recipe for cooking beans differently. A perfect dish to be served cold and enjoyed during our summer dinners. Accompanied with sauteed vegetables it becomes a tasty single dish.

Its preparation is very simple and fast, you can also use different types of legumes like chickpeas.

Let's see how they are cooked right away.

Ingredients for the Corona beans with sage pesto.


Serves 4 people:

200 grams of crown beans (soaked for at least 8-10 hours);

a clove of garlic;

one bay leaf;

a tablespoon of oil.


For the pesto:

3 fleshy tomatoes;

8 walnuts;

6 sage leaves (quite large);

2 teaspoons of grated Parmesan cheese (optional);

one tablespoon of oil;


a pinch of mixed pepper.


Preparation of the crown beans with sage pesto.


Cooking the Corona beans.

To cook Corona beans use the pressure cooker, which of course considerably reduces the time. For Corona beans, it takes 20 minutes to cook starting from the hissing of the vent valve. With traditional cooking,  it is necessary to extend cooking by at least an hour and a half. The soaking phase is always recommended for Corona beans.

After cooking the beans keep them in their cooking water until ready to use.

Preparation of the pesto.

Wash the tomatoes, remove the skin from them and cut them into very small cubes, mince the sage leaves and walnuts in an equally minute way. Combine all ingredients in a bowl, mix them and add the Parmesan cheese and oil, salt and pepper to taste. Mix everything well and place in the refrigerator until it is ready to use.

Thinly chop the garlic and let it flavor a few moments with a drizzle of oil immediately add the beans and bay leaves and let it flavor for a few minutes. At this point remove bay leaf and out of the heat add the tomato pesto, sage and walnuts. Bring to the table and serve.

Corona Beans delle Langhe are large, hearty, cream-colored beans whose skins stay whole when cooked. This large white bean is a member of the runner family phaseolus coccineus.

Dried corona beans are already about half as large as the typical white runner, and when cooked, they almost triple in size - This is one reason this heirloom bean has often been called the "poor man's meat".

Suggestions: Often used as a substitute for meat, they have layers of flavor, are complemented wonderfully by the spicy qualities of Tuscan olive oil, and are great in tomato sauces.

1.1 pound (500gr)

Ingredients: White corona beans, raw - May contain traces of gluten, soy and sesame

Packaging: Plastic Wrap

Flavor: Nutty
Color: Cream

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