Beluga Lentils

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Beluga lentils

Beluga lentils are named after the Beluga caviar because of their appearance. Like other lentils, they belong to the legume family and are considered to be very healthy. The black beluga lentil has a particularly noble, nut-like taste that is reminiscent of roasted chestnuts. Their color loses only a small amount during the cooking process. Cooked Beluga lentils retain a firm consistency and do not dissolve like some red and yellow lentils.

Appearance and taste

They are small, black and shiny. When cooked, they develop a nutty aroma reminiscent of chestnuts. Beluga lentils are fine in taste and have a special appearance due to their strong black colour. With their incomparable taste, they are ideal as a supplement to cereal products and form an attractive contrast to light dishes. They can also be used for stews, spreads, salads and as a side dish.

In terms of taste, the black shining Beluga lentils taste fine, delicately nutty, in a way reminiscent of chestnuts. The secret of the success of the Beluga lentil lies in its taste, because it is a culinary chameleon. They combine favourably with many other flavours and can be used in many ways.

Today, Beluga lentils are also appreciated by top chefs for their fine aroma and appealing appearance. Beluga lentils tend to boil solid and do not disintegrate as easily as other types of lentils when cooked. They are therefore ideal for salads or as a side dish.

Ingredients and nutritional values

100 grams of Beluga lentils have a nutritional value of around 275 kilocalories. This amount contains only about 1.5 grams of fat, 40 grams of carbohydrates and 23.5 grams of protein. This makes the beluga lens a particularly healthy food, because it is low in fat and rich in fiber and protein. They have a high content of vitamin B1 and also contain plenty of phosphorus, iron, magnesium and zinc. With a good dose of Beluga lentil you can easily cover the daily requirement of these vitamins and trace elements and also easily replace meat meals.

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g

Energy / condensing

1150 kj / 275 kcal


1.5 g

saturated fatty acids

0.2 g


40.0 g


1.1 g


17 g


23.5 g


0.02 g

Culinary options for the fine lens

Beluga lentils are ideal for salads and side dishes, stews, soups and spreads. A well-known and simple dish is, for example, a simple salad, in which the cooked lentils are then simply steamed with butter and spring onions. Such a salad tastes pure with fresh bread or baguette as well as a side dish with fish, meat or vegetables.

Salads with black lentils can be prepared in countless variations. Fresh garden herbs such as parsley, basil, chives, spring onions, lovage or oregano refine such a salad excellently and give it the necessary flavor. Dressings with fresh lemon juice or lime juice and pumpkin seed oil complete the delicious lentil salads, which are also an eye-catcher on every buffet. A Beluga lentil salad is perfectly complemented by sheep and goat cheese, olives or baked aubergines or also by crispy bacon.

Mediterranean cuisine with Beluga lentils

Black lentils are also a great component of Mediterranean recipes. They are compatible with different types of pasta and polenta. The lentil also looks good in a risotto or in Greek salad with feta cheese, bell pepper, and olives. With a tomato chutney with apricots, apples and cane sugar, the Black lentils show its sweet side.

Black lentils is a true all-rounder that gives every dish that certain something. You can experiment with Black lentils without any great risk and develop new recipes yourself and create surprising taste experiences.

Beluga lentils are among the types of lentils that can be cooked without soaking them beforehand. It will take about 20 minutes to cook. You can also use beluga lentils to make a strong puree or a special spread.

During the cooking process, Beluga lentils keep their shape and most of their color. However, they also release part of it into the cooking water.

Recipes with Beluga lentils

Beluga lentils are rich in protein, fibre and B-vitamins and contain hardly any fat. With their nutty taste, they are considered a special delicacy.

Beluga lentils are extremely healthy. With a lot of protein and carbohydrates, they are a good source of nutrients. For all those who want to eat a balanced diet, it is worth putting Beluga lentils on the menu regularly. Vegetarians are also well advised to use beluga lentils. Combined with other protein products, they can replace a meat meal.

With a high proportion of B vitamins, Black lentils should also have a positive effect on our brain and nerves. The low sodium content of the Black Beluga lentils is also worth mentioning.

Storage of Black lentils

Beluga lentils, like all dried legumes, have a very long shelf life. It's best to keep them airtight in a cool, dark place. This way, Black lentils stay fresh for about a year. With increasing age, however, the cooking time of Beluga lentils increases. So be careful never to mix old Black lentils with new ones. You wouldn't cook at the same time.

Black beluga lentils are called such because when cooked they resemble the eggs of the beluga whale. Unlike some other lentil varieties, black beluga don't turn mushy when cooke green lentils are a good substitute if you can't find beluga lentils. You can also use brown lentils, which are sold at most grocery stores, but to avoid overcooking check for 15 minutes. Serve this salad as a side dish or a starter, or serve atop a bed of mixed greens or spinach as a main dish.

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